Clever Friends

So im very bored in office today and buaya ahko say he’s bored and requested i blog to cure him. So here’s the 2nd apple of the day…

* After finish typing, i felt it’s a pointless post. So read if you want la.

I never knew why but i always have very clever friends around me. I mean im not those study 24hrs type, not even 2hrs ok. I like to go out aLOT and i dont get excellent result. But 80% of my friends are super homey, super smart type of people. It’s good to know these people as i can get help all the times when i screw up with my work. haha

Trix is my desk partner in school for the final 3 schooling years. I dont know why she choose to bear with me though. She has been whispering answers to me during class and letting me “check” my homework with hers as well. Although she always sleeps in class, her result was amazing and always top the class. I dont sleep in class but my result… She’s now in Sg studying some complicated stuff i dont understand.

Then theres p0ohz, whose art is amazing. Till now, it still amaze me with your creativity. Most of the time, she’ll help me touch-up my biology or physic or chemistry diagrams or let me trace hers. I really sux at drawing ok! I think a Form 1 kid can definately beat me with a hand tied =.= She’s still the crazy girl i can call up at anytime of the day or text silly stuff. I hope you can realise your dream and venture into directing. Pick ME! as your leading lady ya! FOC nvm. There’s more ppl in the art department but blog bout it some other time la.

Mei, Sookz and Kling Ceh, the 3 that sticks with each other no matter. Mei always has the patience to teach me Add Math, and when i get bored, i go teased Kling and kena hentam by her pencil box or umbrella. Both scored straight As in stpm and now in UM. Sookz is the head prefect and my buddy! That’s why i can get away with my nails, shoes, fringes in schools. HAHA and she still get good results!!See i told you, my friends are geniuses……There’s more!

Buaya ahko himself is a genius and anyone that knows him simply canot deny that(ppl, i know im wrong to puji him, let him kembang lor, since he already so buncit now) Always cracking stupid jokes, perli me, bully me, making fun of me. But still can get scholarship. People like that can get JPA scholarship! Somemore next time qualify to cut people up. die man. Spending free pound is what you deserve for the many many A’s that you get. Oi, you spm result still paste in my kl house u know. hahah, want me to scan and upload here or not?? I still waiting for my chillis ok…*menjuling*

But not only 1 but several people get the jpa thing k? There’s yxejason in dublin and Tong in india and will-i-am in ameriKa. In conclusion:

In the Past
Thank god i have alot of smart friends to help me with my homework, schoolworks, gatherings and etc. Had great time knowing you people before everyone turns evil and materialistic

Since you people all so smart, sure study oversea, which means i dont get to see you people at all and miss you all alot laaa. One of the purpose of the blog is to sort of keep in touch. So haPpy that i’ll be seeing will-i-am and ahko soon! come back soon, remember to bring lots of gift for me ya!*showing my best puppy eye*

In the future
No one can be sure so i predict since they so smart, in the future will be very rich and successful. When you are rich and successful, please dont forget i predicted in 2006 your status and remember to “thai-hit” me. I predict, i can get to see doctors and dentist for free, free accounting services, free engineering services and free boat trip to trix that studies some marine stuff. HAHAHAAH

How to meet genius?
Try to be in the top class in your school where most of the elites are there(in other words, my result not that bad wan la, haha) And it also depends on fate. Well, i’m really happy to know you guys even if you are a bunch of idiots !!!!!

ps: Those that are not mentioned are also very clever boys and girls ok… =)

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6 Responses to Clever Friends

  1. angchoonseong says:

    paiseh nia…


  2. summerbear says:

    hey,yxejason will b bak also la..u din wish 2 c him la…apala…can think of will-i-am n ahko nia….then jason leh???butoh u…4get him…kesian him nia…he is super da lonely there u know…n here nobody miss him n wish 2 c him..haih…kesian…

  3. Eve says:

    Wah: of course want 2 see him la but then no one tell me whats d date he balik, tot not sure yet.Other stuff din see u post comment la once mention him, fast fast comment liau

    angchoonseong: why you paiseh?got mentioned bout you?

  4. angchoonseong says:

    pai seh coz i know more inteligent ppl than u.. and i din write a so-nice-blog to honour them….

    ok since u already got the title of clever ppl, i would like to list a few most inteligent guy, who is also ur beloved one, mr owp….


  5. Eve says:

    ur intelligent friends ar..truckloads also not enuf i think..haha

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