Coco Loh Wong Choy

The most doll-like puppy on earth~ !

I miss Coco so much T_T  Christal went back to KL, don’t know when only i will see coco again T_T

It’s so tiny and light…it’s practically weightless!!

So Lovable

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6 Responses to Coco Loh Wong Choy

  1. Jason L. says:

    Cuteness Gila.

    What breed is it?

    Eve: cute huh~!! Its a toy poodle

  2. Jason L. says:

    can grow bigger or not wan? lol

    Eve: Can…but not very big…alil bigger than my Jazz only

  3. desmond-t says:

    weightlessness… omg…

    is ah butt smelling the pup?

  4. wanster says:

    that is not a dog. that is a genetically modified creature.

  5. teongz says:

    Its a trophy dog.
    U guys taking pix wth Coco is just spoiling her cuteness aura nia. Shame on u guys..

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