Come 2008

Was thinking what to blog first, my wonderful trip to birmingham, the yearly wrap up/resolution post or my “miserable” christmas.

and then, i think if i don’t start wrapping things up, it will be 2008 already. In 4 more days. 3 for malaysian. hahaha.

This year must have been the most amazing and full with achievements to my, by far.

2007 started off with a BANG for me. My only sister got married on new years day.. Woohoo! And i am still a student, pulling her hair out when it’s nearer to exam dates in KL. Then come the dreadful moment of ending my stint in KL and moving back to penang for good.

My blog counter went sky high when it was plug in for winning his little competition on Penang food list. It was one of the highlight for me from blogging for 4 years.

Then i got a job in AMD together with my ex roomate in the same department. Had a great time working with those guys as without them, my working life is so bleak. Staring at screensaver 9-5 for a week can drive anyone mad. With them, i improved my pingpong, badminton and bowling skills.

May is one of my happiest moment in my life when i know that I’ll be graduating! Attending my first ever convocation was ecstatic. Hot, sweaty but…ecstatic 🙂 Ooo..i am already so looking forward to my degree convocation next year already.

But before my graduation, it was one of the most crucial moment in my life. The turning point in my life. It was very difficult for me to be where i am right now. After much obstacles only do i get to come to the place of my dream.

Needless to say, i spend the 2nd half of 2007 in UK. I’ve been wanting to come here since i’m small after being a devoted fan of Enid Blyton. Coincidently, i am now living in a place called Blyton. Spooookkyyy.

I’ve never travelled so much in a year before in my young life. I know i am really fortunate to have made it so far and seen so much at my age, therefore i am really grateful to my family for supporting me. And also allowing me so much freedom before i get here, in a way, it helps alot when arriving in a foreign land.

Now i know i am capable of being independent. Really independent. My appetite for traveling is now bigger than before ever since traveling to spain and portugal and transporting on the train alone in england for the past 3 months.

It had been an awesome 2007 for me. Probably the best year in my life to date as i have experienced and grown so much within 1 short year.

Come 2008, i will be traveling intensively before it’s even February.

My 2008 resolution is simple.

Live each day at a time and make the fullest out of it.

Happy New Year to everyone!!!! A blessed great year full speed ahead.


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  1. Kenny Ng says:

    What a wonderful year of 2007 hor? I also so many changes happened in 2007. Happy New Year to u!

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