Cozy in the Rocket, Georgetown

I thought of blogging all the food places I’ve been patronizing of recent at one go but decided against it.1 – Cozy in the rocket deserve 1 post alone. 2 – At least I will have more things to blog about! 🙂

First of all, it’s not exactly those run of the mill cafes that has been popping up like mushroom around Penang heritage zone.

The place is owned by the same folks that opened Amelia’s cafe. As the trend goes, they have mismatched furniture and “vintage” stuff decorating the place which is air-conditioned by the way. If you fancy some sunshine and fresh air, you may opt to sit outside at then open air garden though.

The drinks and food menus are on the board, which may appear slightly more expensive that usual. But according to my friend, they will select the best ingredient that suits the pasta which is hand made. Hmm.. so we are paying for the quality.

Ice coffee, wine and lychee mint – my friends have a very diverse taste for things


One of their signature – tiramisu (rm16) topped with tangerine skin slices

It may look like a small portion but it’s a packed with strong coffee flavour. Best to share with people it may be overwhelming towards the end.

My second visit was to try the pasta that Kim had been telling me about. It was super delicious!!! I had the gnocchi with mushroom and truffle oil while Ang had Spaghetti Carbonara with real bacon. Although we had to wait for 1.5hours before we get to eat them, but it’s so yummy, i think the wait was so worth it. I will go back again to try their other dishes~~


Me and Raye – totally not coordinate and such coincidences 🙂

So where is this gem located? Well, the famous bicycle mural wall is actually attached to it. It’s the corner shop at the Armenian Street X Beach Street junction, and ChinaHouse is just a few steps away.

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Opening hours: 10am-5pm
Closes on Monday

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3 Responses to Cozy in the Rocket, Georgetown

  1. The Nonya says:

    I’m still dreaming over the gnocchi until now … can’t wait to go back & try the tiramisu

  2. Evangeline says:

    The services were really “shit”… Have heard about this cafe before and drop by during my visit, but full of dissatisfaction & disappointed!!!!

    Eve: i heard of their notorious service from my friends but so far from my own experience, apart from the long wait, its still alright

  3. hoong says:

    Shit service! A restaurant/cafe which cannot give a customer comfortable and good/friendly service!!!!!!
    bad taste of food! food not worth the price!!

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