Cycling to Tonle Sap

On the last day we had in SiemReap, it was free and easy. So free, we decided to just walk around, towards town from our hotel.

G with one of the 3 cute resident dogs from the hotel

I really like this shot of us. Because i don’t look like me -__-

Anyway, we took a tuktuk to the Old Market after awhile to walk around and rent out bicycles for USD1 for the whole day. So cheap. Anyway, the initial plan was to cycle around Siem Reap, but I canot remember how or why we decided to cycle to Tonle Sap instead. -__-

The start of our cycling journey!!! 30km to and fro.. which is 15km 1 way!! Crazy much!! I haven’t sat on a bicycle for at least 12 years, what more cycle one. So it was such a challenge for me to cycle so far after so many year. Not surprisingly i started off wobbling all the way, like almost toppling over most of the time and shuffling with my feet instead. Also running across the street instead of cycling over it hahahaha..

We dont have a map or idea on where exactly it is. We just ask for direction cycling maybe 70% of the journey on roads like this!! dafuq

When people learn where we were heading, and when we ask ” Tonle Sap, Far?? Near?? ” their face darkens and answer was ” Not soon.. -_-|| ”

Occasionally, we stopped to take some rest. or give some pencils to randoms kids. Or let puppies nomnom you -___-

Finally we reached the jetty of the lake. We knew we are on the right track after plenty of tour buses went that way. Entering the premises cost us about 1-2usd each (forgot). Then we parked our bicycle, was told free. Then here comes the Scambodia stories which you may or may not heard about. Local operators trying to rip off tourist. They tried to charge us USD10 per pax for a 1 hour boat ride or USD15 for 2 hours i think. Honestly, it’s just a dirty lake with some houses.

When we left without taking the boat ride, the operators ask for USD1 from us for parking our bicycle there. We were quite brave thinking back now ahahaha because we just cycle off  :p

There’s plenty of kids running around the area, asking for money from tourist.A series of photos Teong edited pretty much sum up everything.

Is this Real Life? this is how the house/boats looks like on Tonle Sap. Minus the dramatic effect. Loads of rubbish around. I saw a boat tugging a house across the lake with some resident nonchalantly looking back at me

On the way back, we couldnt take the amount of dirt and dust anymore so we decided to improvise as we dont have any mask.


When we finally reached the travel agent to return the bicycle, our tissue was orangey in color. A swipe across the face with out tissue turns it into a different color! and Nostril was so “full” with dirt. -___-

Was sooooo glad at the massage parlour after that i just doze off. Dont know if it’s good massage or im so damn freaking tired. haha! It was well worth it though. Not Tonle Sap but the cycling through local villages and with my friends experiences. You don’t get that in tour packages 🙂


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  2. Chee Siang says:

    Hi there,

    I’m planning my itinerary to Siem Reap and cycling to Tonle Sap seems interesting.

    Is there anything I should note about?

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