D & R Blissful Nuptial

Kicking off the first blog post for 2014 on a very positive note. Attended one of my dearest pair of friends wedding. Surrounded by tall trees and lush greeneries, it’s really difficult to have a bad photo taken by a professional  at such a beautiful venue. The entire wedding was a far cry from the typical Asian weddings whereby we will invite any possible person within our network, our parents network and our grandparents network in fear that we may offend or disrespect anyone. This is the type of wedding party I would have envision for myself. Small, intimate and most importantly relaxed. Anyhow, if possible or within my “power”, I will have an even smaller guest list .Well, that’s a story for another day when it happens 🙂

Photos spam from mine and  MrSmallFace phones , which by the way will be called simply as K as that name is just too damn long to type all the time.

Wishing this newly-wed all the love in the world ♡♡♡  This is just a beginning to a wonderful lifetime together!


PP P P IMG_7115

IMG_7117IMG_7113 IMG_7111   1521316_10151798604892271_222656228_n

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  1. ynnek85 says:

    Lovely photos!

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