Daily War Paint

I always think myself as a scrounge in spending. Except for the occasional big items such as camera, another camera and urm…maybe another camera -___-

Not until today at work, a colleague asked me to AX to shop and I refused, saying the stuff are so expensive. She come back with saying, I handover my plastic money faster than you can say Dior for stuff to be slathered on my face, which is not entirely false accusation when i come to think of it. :shy:

So turns out I’m a closet beauty junkie.  How not to? One harmless line eyeliners evolve into bags and bags of it through the college years till now.

Today I’m going to share with you my stash of war paint i use daily. Here’s only part of it, because I’m lazy to bring it all out and then put it back  hahahaha.. The below are mainly the stuff I use on a DAILY basis.

Moisturizer, eye cream, sun block/primer, concealer, light powder, eyeliner and blush. At night, to fit my lazy lifestyle, I use bobbi brown cleansing oil which doubles as a makeup remover. Very good, very recommended. Sometimes I’ll switch to my half-bottle Shu Umeara cleansing oil too. Then followed by moisturizer, serum, eye cream again.

Looking at above paragraph is tiring already!

Out of my stash, I have brushes from Shu, BobbiBrown and Estee Lauder. I have more than 3 mascaras that i barely use nowadays. Makeup palettes which will go to waste as well. I really have no idea how to really put on eyeshadows so 90% of the time i go without it. 🙂  However, from all of the palettes i have, I will recommend this to anyone. Majolica cheap and good. It has a light champagne color, green, dark blue and white = you can do almost anything with it. AND the best part is, it comes with instruction on how to create a look..haha idiot proof.

This lip balm/gloss is a gift from my cousin. So far, it’s my favorite as it’s not oily, nor sticky and taste/smells yummy! Some how, the tinted colors will warms up and melt to match your lips color plus it really does moisturize my lips.

Quite lost now on the entire point of this post, but just to show you the sharpness of my LX3 lens and also the latest lipstick I’ve purchased recently. I’ve heard raves bout Dior product and had always thought the price will be out of my reach. Turns out it’s not really thaaat expensive. Still oklaa.. :p

After using this on several occasions, I can now say, I do love Dior product and seeing myself as a returning customers. Usually i hate lipsticks but for work purposes, I had too grrr.. This particular one, doesn’t make my lips feels dry, long lasting and pretty!! hehe i like !

Also to share are my favorite online makeup gurus. The best that I will recommend to any banana Asian is Fuzkittie. She’s one of the few Asians makeup gurus online that speaks good english (duhh) and at least I can related to. Fair and Asian. The other youtube videos are, well, western people with bone face structures.

Another one which is quite famous would be RiceBunny. Although she has mad makeup skills and all that, I do feel that she’s slowly swaying into commercialization recently. So no like anymore but still admire her gila makeup skill like no one’s business. Look her up on youtube if you want.

I guess I’ll end this post here 🙂 I do really think that IF you have the money and put in the effort, no women is ugly.

Can’t wait to watch this!! Can’t wait can’t wait!

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  1. Mr Huhu says:

    fuih, can paint the whole house using ur make up

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