Day 1 – QuadBike in SiemReap

The trip to SiemReap was very different from any of the other trips I’ve been to because its filled with so much enlightenment and adventrous. The closest travel that was as tedious as this was probably Krabi where MrSmallface and I sign up for a kayaking trip into the OPEN SEA ! Our arms went lame after the trip obviously, after battling the waves -_-

Arrived at SiemReap International Airport at about 8am their time, GMT +7 after staying awake the entire night at LCCT. It’s one of the passenger friendly airport I’ve been too. Not hectic and confusing like LCCT. Out from the plane, short walk to efficient immigration check. Then once you collected the luggage, it’s the pickup point. No one stopped me from doing this 😀

We arranged for Quad Biking on the first day with SR Quad Bike, a new establishment G found online. They pick us up at our hotel on time, just that we were waiting at the lobby area, the guy was waiting at tour desk causing us to lose about 20mins -______-

We were given a straight-to-the-point briefing session before we go for a short run to test our skills out..

All of us passed the test but Teong ! haha ! Experienced bike rider had to ride with an instructor lo… :p

It was really easy to handle once you get the hang of it. Just accelerate and brake. Everything else are automated. We booked the 2 hours ride (USD25 per pax) which bring us through the local village trail, and vast paddy field, stopping for an amazing sunset. The photos does no justice to how beautiful the actual view was. Fits the definition of breathtaking.

Some of the kids from nearby villages that followed us. So friendly and cute. They are the children that I don’t see much in Malaysia anymore, the ones that Waves and greets without demanding for ipad or iphone to play afterwards.

Fascinated over the photos we took of them.

Throughout the 2 hours and for the following few days, we find ourselves waving to random kids and strangers ALOT! They are like the friendliest group of people ever. WY’s “kim jong ill” moment.

I think they spend their days waiting for tourist to go by their villages so they can wave and shout HIiiiiii !!!! at us. There’s one time, where we were drove past a house quite fast and the kids couldn’t run up to us in time, so they just screams Heellloooooo !! at us … -______-

Just a few tips for those who would like to try this.

1. Dont wear white as it will turn to orange or beige at the end of the trip. This is how the towel looks like after wiping our face. There’s practically no proper tar road, just dusty red earth all the way. So i think it’s really thoughtful that the bike company provided mask and helmet with eye shield for us

2. try to wear long pants to protect your calf  from the heat of the engine.

Truly enjoy the experience of quad biking through siem reap and will definitely do it again if opportunity arises!!  A photo with the owner.

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