Day 2 Jeju – Waterfalls, Cliff and Black Pork to die for

Our second day in Jeju-do started off with a visit to the waterfall which was a 8-mins drive from our hostel. But before that, because we woke up after 10am, we missed the breakfast at the hostel. So we googled for some oyster porridge and found a famous one less than 5 minutes walking distance away.

It was quite nice but it would be nicer if there isn’t that much of BEANSPROUT! I hate beansprout! They even put beansprout in my pajeon T__T but undeniably the soup was really sweet from the oysters and stuff.


Cheonjiyeon Waterfall 천지연폭포

Literally, the name Cheonjiyeon means sky (Ch’eon) connected with land. From the read ups I did prior to the trip, it seems like a must-go place, but honestly, after visiting it, I feel its really nothing special -_-  If you enjoy slow nature walk, then by all means visit it. The only thing we like about it was this bridge pathway.


After a 10 minutes or so walk from the entrance, this is the waterfall that greets us.


We spent another 10 minutes to walk out of the park after hastily taking a few photos of the waterfall.

At the parking lot of the waterfall, you can find a tourist information centre. You can get some map if you haven’t and grab some coffee from some of the big cafes there as well.

These stones statues can be seen almost everywhere in Jeju island and they are called Dol hareubangs or Grandfather stone. Most commonly seen at entrance of any place as they seems to be some local guardian or protector. They are also god of fertility and no surprise there as it does look really similar to *if you know what I mean*


Admission fee: KRW2,000 per pax
(N 33 14.645 E 126 33.603)

Oedolgae Rock (외돌개) – skipped this as it’s only famous for being Jewel in the Palace filming location.

Jusangjeolli Cliffs 주상절리 

We headed straight to Jusangjeolli Cliffs 주상절리 after the waterfall which took about an hour of driving. It was quite difficult place to find even from the GPS, so maybe you can search for Museum of African Art  or  ICC (International Convention Center) which are really nearby. Once at ICC, you can just follow the road sign which is impossible to miss.


I love this place. Probably in my top 2 places in Jeju. The moment you step away from the tree clearing, the view was just so breathtakingly beautiful. I think we was just taken away by the sheer beauty of it we couldn’t stop ourselves from saying “wow” repetitively. I just stood there wondering how did this hexagonal shape stone cliff could had formed naturally.


Of course I couldn’t stand too long at one spot with the sudden group of tourists appearing, chatting loudly and shoving at us -__- It was particularly windy for that day, and I just could not get a nice shot without my hair whipping around.


Photos does no justice to how majestic the cliff looks in real life with the waves breaking at them. It was just such a serene place. I would love this place as much as I love Cabo da Roca if it wasn’t for those notorious tourist.

Admission fee: KRW2,000 per pax

By the time we were done admiring the cliff, it’s lunch time! We met up with Kim and the rest heading towards O’Sulloc Tea Farm and decided to stop whenever a place catches our eye.

허파곶 자왈화덕 피자 – HeoPaJok  Pizza. It should sound something like the English as I translate it myself :p


It’s a small quaint shop along the road. They have very limited seats in the shop and its was almost full at odd hours, so we figured it must be good ~ We ordered 3 large pizza to share among 7 of us and it was quite filling! The pizzas are over baked and the most special thing about it is the base sauce for all of their pizza are made from Jeju mandarin orange.


So all the pizza comes with sweet and tangy taste of the mandarin orange. Really special and the pizza are really soft. Like eating ham. The bottom pie was a pizza with 5 different cheese  and that is a piece of heaven seriously.

If you are interested to try, just key in their phone number into your GPS and you’ll be able to find it.
Tel: 064-792-0990

Our next destination was one of the most anticipated ones for the trip!

O’sulloc 오설록 Tea Museum and Innisfree Jeju House 

I believe we spend most of our time of the day here. Playing and taking photos!!

The tea museum and Innisfree Jeju house are located at the same place so 1 stone killed 2 birds. There’s some demonstration on tea brewing and you can buy freshly packed tea home as O’Sulloc tea is the signature tea of Jeju Island. You can actually find O’Sulloc tea cafe around other parts of South Korea too, but nothing beats the original right?


However, the main attraction at this tea museum was actually the ice cream and Swiss roll cake. We queue for at least 20 minutes to get our hands on those sweets and still couldn’t find a table for us.


The greentea + yogurt and swiss roll was super yums ! but the greentea ice cream was so-so only. Each item was at least ₩4,000 and above.

After our delicious tea, we head towards the Innisfree free where us girls bought some skincare only available at this place. Another highlight of this place is that we get to make our own natural soap if we purchase the ingredient. Once we chose the soap scent that we wanted, we seat ourself in-front of an ipad that comes with simple instructions  and start sculpting our own soap!


Eleen, K and I got our soap done and wrapped up nicely and we headed out to snap some photos. The rest are very precise with what they wanted to sculpt so it took a looong time, while usually it only takes about 20mins.


Tips: When you search for Jeju Island, you will see alot of result with the word Olle in them. Jeju Island is famous for its walking and hiking trail and Olle simply means “walking path” . If you are a walking enthusiast, then there’s plenty of Jeju Olle trail that you can choose base of different level of difficulty. Then you can get a passport and get it stamps whenever you reach a destination for fun.

New folder
DSC08653-1 (3)

A group photo before departing for dinner

GPS Coordinate: N 33 18.319 E 126 17.368
Tel : +064-794-5312~3
Admission Fee: free
Business hour : 10:00am – 6:00pm

Jeju famous Black Pork BBQ dinner

I found this place from looking up in foursquare. It is really super helpful to be able to read some Korean! Even the slightest bit goes a long way in a place where everything looks so foreign.

The place hidden deep inside a residential area about 20mins drive away from the tea musuem. At first we were doubting the gps but then when we suddenly saw a group of people standing outside a house, we knew that was it. The place was full of locals, no tourist. After about 3omins wait, we finally got our table.

They only have 2 things on their menu. Cold noodles and black pork. Which spells as super awesome!!


Alot of tourist will usually just end up eating at Black Pork street in Jeju-si, however I read that many restaurant will just serve the normal pork as we really couldn’t tell by looking at it. But this piece of meat is on a diferrent level. It’s just so tender and simply divine!!We ended up ordering a piece each as it’s just not enough if you were to share. It’s really that good! New folder1

As the owner son knew we were foreigner, he personally attended to our table and grill all our meat for us. We also ordered a dry and soup cold noodle and it’s delicious as well!! One of the best 냉면 I’ve ever had. Noodle was tangy and spicy. You have to cut it and stir it with your chopsticks with the sides of mustard. Yummeh!!

New folder2

For all that, we paid about ₩21,000 each. I missed this meal SO much!!

Tel: +82 64-794-3534

Day 1 at Jeju
Driving in Jeju

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