Day 4 Seoul – Nanta Show, Myeongdong 명동

Upon arrival to Seoul, we took the AREX to Hongdae where our guest-houses are located. It’s really quick and convenient. I will separate the guest-house post and compile all the cafes we went into another for easier reference.

First up, lunch! We were very fortunate to have Dao to come meet up at Maruji’s and bring us to this Jjigae’s place in Sinchon. It was my first time in a place that serves only jjigae and it’s really interesting. The queue was never ending and actually the best part is their sides and rice are unlimited, love it! I need alot of rice when having spicy food!



The food are considered cheap for central Seoul. We ordered various type of stew and I had the ham & cheese version. So delish!!!  How can something as simple as tofu and egg taste so amazing. Dao ordered the eggroll additionally which was delicious as well.


Here’s the maknae of the table doing the dirty work. Just joking! So in South Korea, apparently they have this culture where the youngest should treat the elderly such as cracking the egg into the stew for them or grilling the meat in bbq. Or something as simple as pouring water for everyone.


We took a walk over to Ewha Women’s University area for a look. I would go back to that area again if time allows as they have plenty of shops which are cheaper than in Myeongdong. Actually the real reason is to see the university itself. Women’s university in Seoul, you think K will miss the chance ..?  Also because Gary from Runningman just filmed an episode there. Hahaha.. ya we visited alot of places because RM went and not much other reason.


In Myeongdong, the whole place are packed with skincare and cosmetic shops. Like people were telling me about it before but I just couldn’t imagine it. It’s like every 5 steps you take, you will see Etude House, Skinfood and whatever it is. It is also packed with plenty of cafes. I suddenly saw this cat mascot on the street and took a photo with it because my sister was in Seoul a week prior and took a similar photo. What a difference a week can do to the weather. She was freezing and it was even snowing but my day was considered warm. However, the following few days in Seoul was almost at 0 degrees -__-


It started to drizzle so we went to watch the world famous Nanta Show. They don’t really speak and convey the message through their many funny and dangerous antics. Therefore, no need worry if you don’t understand Korean. It is a musical that has been staged around the world afterall.


Went back to Hongdae, Mapo-gu area to meet up with Dao again for dinner. She took us to this famous cozy chicken and beer place which I really love. They have 3 branches in Hongdae alone and it’s always full. Truth be told, I love fried chicken/everything. Seems like S.Korea share the same sentiment as me as there’s so many outlets that serve solely fried chicken and beer! Also, this has nothing to do with Cheon Songyi as I didn’t watch My Love from the Star   -__-

Hot Chicks, literally.



Rooftop Moonlight 옥상달빛 (Oksang Dalbit) 
+82 2-3143-4785

After dinner, we went to this really cool place nearby with beer fridge lining up against the wall. It’s like a beer buffet! Choose whatever you want, drink and pay later by bringing the bottles to the counter. Local people (men) above 35yo are not allowed in the club so they hang out at places like this. That fact usually generate plenty of shocked responses but come to think of it, I would rather have it that way too..

I already love Seoul so much by the end of that day..

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