Days in my Life

So i haven’t update ya’ll on whats with my life for many many days. On thursday night, i went pasar malam with my housemates for dinner. There’s a yummy stall of Pan Mee selling me, but too bad, by the time we reach there, there’s no mee to pan anymore. So we walk around or pushed around looking to junk food to fill our hungry stomach. Suddenly there’s an overwhelming, unmistakeable, horrible stench that will even make a skunk look good whiffing around us. ARGHHH!!!! Today the “chau tau fuu” uncle decide to sell!!!!!

I’ve tasted it before, so i’m fine with it. The nearer you go, the less you “rasa” the smell…i guess the logic behind is you are already numb with it. ahhaha -_-“
You see…so many people lining up to get a taste of fermented, overdued, smelly piece of curd. hahhaa…

Friday – being a “vegetable” at home, having The Apprentice marathon with roomie. Watch *yawn* 1st match of world cup.

Saturday- TODAY!!!

Got up kinda early because WilliamT is sooo kind enough to come all the way from subang and drive us to 1u, save us from 1 hour of public transport *kiss kiss*

Went Jack’s Place for lunch, ordered the NZ Sirloin Steak which is like a piece of meat splattered with blood…hehe and the rest had Dory Fish..hope they wont go forgetful…hahaha
Quite yummy, definately VERY full with all the food keep on coming in.

What to do after that??

Shoppppppiingggggggg!!!! *happy cartoon songs* An extrremely good way to work off all the fats that we gain during lunch. but can see, no buy cos all also very expensive and this month i need to save up to buy text book (im a good girl). But when i come across the new store, Forever 21, the things inside, it’s like it’s FREE, cos the fitting room line is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long and the line to pay is also so god damn long!! The stuff there oklar, typical british girls looks, preppy and cute, u get what i mean. Well, i got myself some bling bling from the shop…hehe…couldn’t resist as the bracelet kept sparkling bright back at me….
Nice?? will be nice when i wear them to clubbing…*dream starts*

Night time was spent watching the BORING England vs Paraguay…so men-YAWNing-kan… As expected all mamak is full, the food quality drops, and many many tv suddenly pops up.. But it’s ok, it’s a man’s game, so me and roomie can cuci mata while watching with the rest *evil laugh*
After the disappointing match, we totter back home, all gearing up for the Sweden match. The TT team did a great job, a much better match to watch, definately.

Now i’m watching my FAV team of all playing, ARGENTINA!! Such a great first half, tat’s what you called a match, a game!! great one!

I’m blogging during the half-time, keng leh? hahaha

Will blog tomorrow if my stupid pc can still hang on to it’s dear life.

ps: It died on me just now. I just reformat the whole thing during the sweden match. =.=||

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