Diana 35mm Roll #1

Finally decided to post up the photos from my first 35mm roll of my Qing Hua baby. I call it the disaster roll. Most people first roll of Diana would be a disaster roll which we learn from the mistakes we made. I’m considered lucky cos my first roll was okay 🙂

Contrary to common belief, using 35mm films would be easier. It might so much easier to buy and develop but i face difficulty when advancing the film cos the indicators seems wrong or i just don’t know how to read it. Plus because its 36frames, there will be more films gathered at the spool, higher chance of getting stuck halfway too.

okay,time to criticize my films..

From my 36 frame roll of film, only 24 managed to be processed and more than half failed 🙁

#1 This is an example how a nice photo can be destroyed by a lab staff where they usually dont handle films anymore t.t  The below is incorrectly cut and then scanned. Hence the image is not cropped correctly to be center.

The frame that I used for this roll was  square over the sprockets but i failed to informed the shop and i guessed they just cut it all away :down:  Although I can digitally crop it and make it nicer myself but then i’ll be missing the entire point of lo-fi photography.

The common noobie mistake when one uses a fully manual camera is forgetting to adjust the:-

1. Aperture

2. Focus

3. Taking into consideration the film ISO

#2 That’s why some of my photos are too up close, like the entire frame is filled with the focus object. Most of the focus for this roll was set at 4meter, meant to shoot something from afar -__-

#3 Mentioned above, when advancing to next frame, I do not know when to stop turning!! and therefore, overlapping frames…Mistake below are, not focus properly and overlapping.

#4 Double expose film. I think this is nice 😀

#5 Double expose negative too. Wrong aperture setting.

Having said all the above, making all the “mistake” is how i learn to understand my Qinghua better ^_^ and the experience of handling a fully manual camera is fun! Never knowing the end product until you excitedly hand the roll of negative over the counter to get develop

Now i’m in the midst of going through my 2nd roll 120mm expired film. Will share when I have them develop.  Not sure what else was missed out but i think will be well covered in next post. hehe

Would you like to know how to insert the film? or how the 35mm back look like? Let me know..

Gurus out there are more than welcome to leave a comment!! 😀

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2 Responses to Diana 35mm Roll #1

  1. christal.loh says:

    nice ma… =)
    just must remember the focus, the settings & etc… hahaha..
    my friend sudah mula bising.. u are taking so much time to snap our photos… =.=;

    *use my camera lah*.. but after they saw my first roll.. they happily allowed me time to adjust everything & posed… haha

    but with my expired film.. hope they are nice in it lah…

    Eve: somehow i kinda like using expired film. excited to see how it turns out. Funny colors and all

  2. ting says:

    your pics look ghostly…hahhhahaha

    Eve: it is isnt it?hehehe

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