DianaF+ Qing Hua

I’ve been crazy over lo-fi cameras since 2002 when I first saw the supersampler/frog eye in Christal’s house. It was so much fun playing around with it, even with no films inside -__-

Then last year, i was introduced to Diana series by Kimmie because before that I intended to get Holga. Anyway, I can’t afford any of it .

Until earlier this year, I got the UWS to add to my le familiaz :)) Then I got my first roll of UWS developed, i so loved the end result, which pushed me further into looking at getting a diana vs holga. But diana eventually won due to the vast lenses and versatility it offers.

Do you know how out of of the world I felt when I know that an instant back can be fitted to Diana = producing the best of both world, best combination. INSTANT LOMOGRAPHY!!! that would have to wait though, until i get a firm grip it.

It was so damn difficult to get the lomo that you want, not mentioning a reasonable price one. After I did some homework, I decided to get DianaF+ Qing Hua from lomokids. They offer a HUGE range in malaysia that is at a very reasonable price. Cheaper than Mooks or those at Wondermilk. The only downside is they have a 10 days lead time for the item to arrive.

That’s why most of the people on my MSN list were wondering “who the hell is diana!! ” as my status reads: Diana come to mama!! and when I tell them sheepishly “its a toy camera” most responded with a long


So unlike MrSmallFace, who by the way, got Diana for me!!!! ♥♥♥♥ Early birthday present. To avoid any disappointment, real smart move. hahaha!

I got the camera from Jimbab? Sorry i did not really get your name. He was really nice and friendly. Guiding me and already giving me advice on how to go about making full use of Diana! Definitely will recommend anyone who intend to get a camera  from lomokids. On time in delivering and helpful too.

I realize there’s lots of exclamation mark in this post, which usually doesn’t really happen. But I’m realllly really happy that I finally gotten my hands on a DIANAAAAA!!!

Here it is!!

So pretty isn’t it.

The Qing Hua Diana F+ by Dorophy Tang
Designer and illustrator Dorophy Tang has become the latest to add her unique touch to the Diana F+. This special edition reflects Tang’s signature style, which mixes vintage elements and traditional Chinese influences – known as Qing Hua Ci. See the Dororthy Tang trademark in red. Classic!

Front, aerial and profile photo of my baby!

The box came with

Diana F+ Quing Ha Edition camera
– Diana+ Flash

– “More True Tales & Short Stories” Diana Vignettes hardcover book

– Color Gel Filters

– 12 & 16-shot format frames

– Shutter lock, Neckstrap, Lenscap

Finally me….. *satisfied & contented & exhilarated & hyperventilated & happy* 😀

Due to the fact that it’s is a bitch getting and developing 120mm film in Malaysia, I’ve gotten Diana her partner in crime, –> The 35mm back!!

Can’t wait to start shooting !! WOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!

Let’s our journey begin. capturing moments in life 😀  Just shoot!!

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13 Responses to DianaF+ Qing Hua

  1. ynnek says:

    Waooo…it’s prettier than i thought!

  2. Mr Huhu says:

    wah so cina-like camera.

  3. wendy says:

    35mm back? do u mean it can be plugged into diana and use the 35mm film??
    and instant as well??
    must talk to u in msn to get more info di!!

  4. Eve says:

    Ynnek: It IS PRETTY!!!

    Mr Huhu: It’s called Qing Hua. Can’t get anymore chinese than that.

    Wendy: Yes. Can use 35mm film and also instant film. the exact same one for the camera we have too. It’s like dream come through right??

  5. christal.loh says:

    “I’ve been crazy over lo-fi cameras since 2002 when I first saw the supersampler/frog eye in Christal’s house. It was so much fun playing around with it, even with no films inside -__-”

    I’m very surprised !!!..

    when did you see this in my house ??
    Why I’ve got no idea about it … +__________+

    2002 i was Form 5, i can’t recall I have such camera leh… u ada salah lihat not ?? my house ??

    Eve: Adalah…then must be 2003 -__- dono it’s dicky’s or samuel one’s or herman’s… i remember playing with it in herman’s room…

  6. hui Ping says:

    hey… so jealous of you…
    got so many type of camera d..
    now my aim is to buy dslr 1st…
    but no money yet…

  7. ting says:

    u mean u can do polaroid and film at the same time? i want also!! its too cute. but i think i like holga’s effect more though…b&w and the angle in it

  8. Eve says:

    hui ping: no need to be jealous. it’s all toy camera. cheap only. DSLR now getting cheap and common hmm…

    ting: yes you can. just buy the +instant back and u can get instant photo. This can do b&w too, just buy the b&w negative film lor -__- whatever holga can do, diana can too ^^

  9. Hui Ping says:

    the picture quality good ar??
    holga or diana better??

    Eve: You cant expect the crisp picture quality you get from normal camera. make a search through the internet la, then you will see what kind of effect you can get via different setting and lens. most of the time you get dreamy whimsical photo from toy camera. Currently I’m using an expired film for my first roll so the result might even be more drastic.. Personally i like diana because of the versatility she offers.

  10. Ashley Phua says:

    babe, came across ur post when I was searching for Diana F+ info – where to develop 120mm film?
    So you say can attach one 35mm instant back on a Diana F+, with that you could use normal 35mm film & polaroid film as well.
    Can you tell me where can I get it?? Using 120mm film is burning my pocket -_-

    You can leave comment to me via email, or at my blog =)
    Thank you! life saver…

    Eve: emailed you

  11. kuru says:

    yea can u let me know wher u giot ur 35mm back? im finding it too also….hahahah tq yea…

  12. Eve says:

    Hello.. I got mentioned in the post 🙂
    Mooks or Wondermilk in Damansara Uptown.
    I got mine from Mooks..

  13. hi apple.. dont know what your real name is. but i was following yr posts on your fujifilm instax polaroid cam.. was considering to buy it.. but i also was dying for a Diafa F+ Qing HUa.. and same case as you, my boyfriend got it for me for my birthday. its interesting to know that some1 else owns a qing hua.. its so dreamy.. he got it from Mooks. have fun with your Qing Hua.. i love mine too =)

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