Did You Have a Good Weekend?

Well, i did!! I’ve been so busy going out and about for the past few days i couldnt even find time to blog..

So many photos taken..wahah…i tell you the next time you visit this blog, make sure you read with a full stomach ;P

The only sucky thing that happen is that stupid dog destroyed my pencil case that i used since Form 5. I’m like the first few to start using zippers pencil case, way before the shops start selling it or magazine start teaching you how to DIY one. tiu. Not only that, he had the guts to drag my roomie’s dead nike sneakers to MY bed and chew chew chew….fuck!!

The blue one is the new case i get…so old ady, no need to use chio chio case..simply buy one big enough to store my colour pens and highlighters can ady.. haha

This is what happen to Sarah’s phone charger. RIP to both our items.
Oh ya, guess who i saw at KLCC today???? OMG! i saw our ex prime minister, tun dr Mahathir…He is kinda old i think but still very healthy looking. Like it or not, he is still a great malaysia icon, i say.

Come back soon for all the yummmy post!!

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2 Responses to Did You Have a Good Weekend?

  1. joosing says:

    hey..i suggest u smth la….just KILL the dog!!!!!!

  2. Eve says:

    i sooo want to !!!!

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