Dinner at Kirishima

It seems like a norm that we do farewell for people at Kirishima..Okla, considering this time it’s actually my choice. I also don’t really like to call it my farewell, because it’s not like I’m not coming forever. It’s just a while.

I’ve been getting this questions alot.

“What would like to eat before you go?” – Urm…i dont really know how to answer because i’ve been eating alot recently and it’s sounds like i’m gonna die very soon and have to eat everything that’s sets infront of me. So, don’t ask me this ok.

Well, this is what i LOVE to eat! Japanese food all the way. Dono why but i will forever be hungry for japanese food.

It’s has been more that 6 months that the 4 of us gather at 1 place at the same time. Either it’s studies, exam, or work or the other half. Hmm..What has become of us, so so busy but still so into each other ya? We the best! HIP HIP Hooray to our friendships. May soon cliché but Friendship Forever my lovelies!

Food Galore! I’m back to my old self…Indulge in these photos ok!! First on the menu is Rainbow Sushi Rolls which has smoked salmon, prawns, salmon and cuttlefish.

And the Kirishima Specials – Unagi rolls which is delicious. Btw, Kirishima is famous for it’s unagi/eel dishes. It’s so fresh and the skin are uh crispy!

Urm…this is some specials we ordered. It’s very thinly sliced wagju beef. Not tough at all, very tender kinda meat. Suitable for senior citizens also. The portions quite tiny as you can see. For some, they can finish it with a sweep of their deadly chopsticks!

The famous unagju. It’s like a bento but nicer than that of course since we pay a different price. I think the guys will like this alot cos it has alot of rice therefore it’s filling. And i think the unagi is a huge portion as well.

MY FAVOURITE of ALL!! Katsudon~ Everywhere i go, i order this. They even forbid me from ordering it that night >_< Guess what does the Teppanyaki Beef comes with ??

ALOT of SIDE Dishes. It even comes with Handphones (-__-)||

And the last dish of the blog is Cold Soba with Tempuras.

After that, they watched me eat my katsudon without much progress wan..and later on force feed me with icy cool spoons of green tea icecreams. We buat kacau at the restaurant until it closes and then proceed to the lobby to buat more kacau. Speng misses me too much, even before i want to fly off. So we decided to eloped. Leaving Desmond behind. Hahaha

and then we pretend to be squids. Memories from past 2 christmas. She fail the mission leaving me alone buat bodoh.

The usual Clubbing/Mahjong/industrial zone slave/Redbox gang. Now everything also kurang me 1 kaki liau lor… Mr Butt aka Ynnek

And Mr Loo with his visitng gf from KL.

The Blogger that owns THE BLOG.

The one who drives PEH88 and calls me BABEEEEEEEEEE all the time…

Most importantly my seasons dear 🙂

Thanks for the wonderful night. We try to top that when i get back ok!

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  1. j a s o n y o n g says:

    wei wei wei
    went kirishima without me
    i wannnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    just had sushi here..not the same as kirishima’s
    eh dunnit pack so much maggi mee ler.here oso got sell wan..more expensive nia..HahAHHHA..summor weather sux…HaHAHHA sorry for being such a spoil sport
    text me when u in sheffield bebeh

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