DivaLisa’s Engagement Dinner

My only sister was officially and legally married to a wonderful man during my last semester break.

In the morning, we went to to Registry Office, to…. registry. Me and mom went to the saloon to get our hair nicely done, but came out the saloon very unhappy with our hair, we did it ourselves at home -.-||

Every little girl dream of getting married someday, today her’s was realise.

The process of the whole thing was kinda short. She was giggling while taking oath -.-” Then the deal was signed. Raymond, no pressure…hehe..watched like an eagle.

Sealed by my dad.

and it’s a done deal.
Thanks to Christal for helping us take some photos, it’s really lovely. You are like our family friend. Know you you for more a decade already. hahaha .

After that, we proceed to have our family photo taken together with Jaz. So complete. However i wish my grandad was there. We went home, and grab some McD on the way..and then went dentist 0_O Weird right, after you got married, all of things, you go to the dentist out of the blue..hahha

The dinner was held at

It’s actually a very posh place. I’ve only been there twice. Then i realize, it wasn’t that expensive afterall, just that the place is so grand i thought it will cost me RM100 for an ice cream.

I wanted to take a nice photo of the mansion, but the stupid car was parked there. After dinner, i thought it would be gone, but it’s still parked there. Stupid!!

The ambience was wonderful!! They have a jazz band playing there which suits DivaLisa since she’s a Jazz freak. She even name our dog, Jaz.One of the waiter there looks abit like Michael Scorfield, no kidding, even my brother’s gf agrees with me. haha

Our dinner party started off well. The food i feel it’s only so-so. Well, at least my steak isn’t that amazing, was kinda overcooked. But DivaLisa’s angelhair in squid ink was lovely. I really want to eat the whole plate. hahahaha.. Then we had a range of cakes for desserts.

I brought along the tripod. So i kinda look silly carrying a tripod in a middle of a posh restaurant. But i don’t want to ruin the photo’s with flash light. and the only way i know is to use slow shutter speed. Bodohnya.

Here’s the happy couple!

And after dinner, we had a photo infront of the place. I’m a little bit blur because i had to ran to get in position. hahaha

Last but not least, i wish both of you happiness in future. Many good years ahead of you.

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3 Responses to DivaLisa’s Engagement Dinner

  1. Jason says:

    cool! A big congrats to your sis!

  2. christalloh says:

    yea…. my pictures are out… huahahaa…

    so these were the black & whites which u took 2 hours to edit.. huahaha…

    but they look nice… practise makes perfect…

    thx lots for ystd…

  3. Eve says:

    Jason: Thanks..on behalf =)

    Christal: No, only the one my dad one…less than 2 hrs la actually. Thanks, and ur welcome for yest. Thanks for bringing me there

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