Dogs are Mens Best Friend! Not punchbags!

In the wake of the recent viral animal abuse video about the internet, I can’t understand how a person can lay their hands on the best friend god has given to us.

Before bringing in another life into yours, make sure what is your purpose of doing that, most importantly, are you able to care for it ! My family and I can’t wait to shower love for Jazz and here we have 2 piece of shits finding it amusing to  punch a harmless puppy around :(((

Here we are, wishing that our country is more dog friendly, building management are more open to pets, and longing to play with Jazz everyday but can’t just because she’s 400km away, there’s 2 idiots bullying the dog away upside down.

if this is how this piece of shit discipline a puppy, imagine how he will treat his kids. The world would be a much better place such shits. He’s not even worthy to be called a human!

Here’s Jazz standing/sitting on her own. She learned it out of her love for food, definitely not from violence! Jazz is going to stand up for the animal rights that has been swept aside for years.  A punishment of merely RM200 if found guilty is way too lenient. Speeding tickets alone cost you RM300, how can the punishment for abusing a breathing and living being be lighter than that ??

I pray that the 2 and all those who abuses animal to be stone to death or have a horrible death and then rot in hell for eternity. Of course, all doggies goes to heaven. Where else?

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2 Responses to Dogs are Mens Best Friend! Not punchbags!

  1. helen says:

    totally agree, the video was horrifying!

  2. ynnek says:

    100% like!

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