As of today, I am hospitalized for a week due to dengue. Prior to this never had I been hospitalized before and never imagined that I would be in for so long.

Really kinda sad and depressing as I had a road trip to Hatyai planned this week. So far, seems like everyone have a solution/cure for me except the doctor who can only put me on drips and monitor daily. My arms are starting to resemble one of an addict with the bruises and needle holes from the daily blood test.

So when you mentioned dengue, the first thing that people say is – drink papaya LEAF juice! It helps! It works like magic.

First day, my friend boiled it with water for me. It tasted horrible. But my fever did went down. However, came back with a vengeance the next day with no Platlet improvement. Then another friend said- no no! You have to drink only the extract. Can’t mix with water !


People, this is the so called elixir of life for dengue patient. Pure extract from the papaya leaves without the stem.

I obviously do no know what I was saying when I said the boiled version was horrible. Ha ha ha…This green thing smells and taste super green and horrible!! The after-taste is the worse as it lingers on and on and on ….

Anyway, my condition did not improve overnight but still many swore by it. I guess some patients just took it at the the right time. Apart from papaya juice, and some bitter-gourd blended mixtures, I actually had a lot of other nicer stuff to drink.

Such as plenty of coconut juice, 100plus and this super grand red bean soup my friend made me which supposedly can help increase blood count



Anyway I felt blessed surrounded by so many people who care and I hope I get discharged tomorrow !!!!! It has already been a week since I stepped out of this hospital room!!!!

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