Dubai Part II – In 1 day

I must complete my travelogue before i start my 2nd half of the year. Meeting new friends makes me realize even more how important my blog/travelogue is to me.

I have so many places to go in my life. Thanks Helen for introducing this blog to me, now I look forward to cover the loveliest places in the world throughout my life.

Continuation from Part one, this is our city day tour. This is the famous Dubai Creek. Our hotel is strategically just next to it.

The hotel is the tallest building in the photo. Before crossing the creek, we went to the Gold Souk/Gold market conveniently situated just behind the hotel. Which is obviously packed with goldsmiths. There’s gold strewn anywhere and everywhere, no one will steal them. Why?

The penalty for stealing is losing both your arms. That’s why. Very discipline ppl. For the 3 days we were there, we saw 3 accidents @_@ According to Kenny, who we met up later on at night, Dubai in fact has a very high…wtf what’s with their super cars zooming around like scrap metal eh? hahaha..

Stupid i did not take photos of the luxurious cars. Hummers was like Kancil for them, Porshe is like… avanza?? Cos i saw 1 filled with stocks. Under appreciated.

So we took the cheapest way across the creek, Abra boat, together with the locals.

We walked everywhere. Fairly easy to get around. Had lunch at a place that looks VERY similar like our mamak but the waiter is just 10000X ruder. My nan, that’s so hard and oily, you’ll get a bruise if I had throw it at you.

This is where the Sheikh used to live. His palace i suppose. Very dry and hot. The entrance fees to all the attractions are cheap. 3-5dhm only. But …. depends on yourself la, wanna go see buildings and artifacts or not.

Presumely UAE ppl used to be damn short. The doors are made fit for hobbits. Poor Ah Jin knocked his head against the frame twice hahahaha Btw, he’s >180cm.

We refuse to take the taxi that cost 20dhm once u got in, we took the local bus to Jumeirah Strip, where the rich and famous goes to relax and shop. The bus was very comfortable, because they have seats for women only. Guys get screamed at if they take the seats hahahahahah. At 1-2dhm, very comfortable to travel in. TGIF ala arabian…

Lime Tree Cafe, supposedly had one of the best Chocolate Cake in Dubai. How can *I* give that a miss? Especially after walking under the sun for some time.

Frequent by many expatriates, as i hear conversations in French, Japanese, Koreans, kili kulu kili kulu…

I like the place alot!! 18dhm for a slice of heaven. Convert in POUND then its cheap. ahahha self-denial.

Cute leh, the building…

Do you know what building is this?

You had to pay a blardy USD120 to enter…. and have hi-tea. We went to a public beach, and had to ran like mad ppl as we canot enter the *private* beach. wtf. We were running because the sun is setting!!!

At night, met up with Kenny and this is the world largest Mall complete with their own Snow dome. Go google for photos la. hahahha

Then we went to this place Souk Madinah Jumerah, wonderful atmosphere for dinner. Alot of “chio” ppl lo…cos ferry constan was playing that night at dubai.

Last but not least, enlarge the photo and read rule no.3

Enjoy your weekend!! I’ll be spending mine at Bangkok! Woohoo!!

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3 Responses to Dubai Part II – In 1 day

  1. h3l3n says:

    hehe.. welcome welcome, now i hav to extend my own list of places i wana go..

    u went to dubai??? before me????? arghhhh

  2. Eve says:

    helen, u been to rome, monte carlo, florence, nice, paris..ETC ETC !!

    go dubai on the way or back fr uk next time la..ahhaha

  3. ihsan_huhu says:

    in dubai, xdpt flirt anak2 taukeh minyak ka?

    kaya gila wooooo!

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