Edison Chen Scandal.

hahaha.. this is one of the taktik keji to increase my traffic to my blog.

Did you expect to see some of the nude photographs here? Sorry but this is a rated- U blog therefore i will not post the photos here. Although i have seen them all. Almost 400pieces of them, thanks to my very quick source, Mr. Ngiam.

Almost all of the photos involves oral sex. Done to edison. Gillian was the only lucky one i suppose, haha…

My point of view is that the media in hongkong is making a very big fuss over this. I mean, true it involves alot of superstars from hongkong but then it’s their personal life, we shouldn’t bother that much. Although it’s a very juicy piece of gossip and i think it crushes the dreams of alot of super fans out there that idolize these people like god or angels. time to wake up..

I think the press conference that Gillian gave was a joke. After she gave the statement, she was smiling and the crowd of fans behind her was clapping as if it’s a very glorifying thing to do. Remember when some photos was taken of her in Genting sometime last year, during the press conference she was crying all the way. HAhaha. come on la.. Their job is acting so they should be good at it la..

Some trivia i copied from a gossip forum:

Some thoughts to ponder…

Kira, the man or men responsible for leaking the photos, has remained silent for the past couple of days. His inactivity and the fact that Gillian was smiling at her press conference has led people to believe EEG, Gillian’s record company, paid him (Kira) off.

All of what has happened has fostered a few conspiracy theories on a said rumour. Some of which are posted under the cut.

Fun fact:
In Gillian’s speech she said she was naive. On her nightstand is a bottle of KY Jelly.

HK$10 million payout
More than one person was releasing the photos. They were paid 10 million HKD or 1.3 million USD to stop releasing.

Gillian Chung used as bait
Gillian Chung’s public appearance was used to lure Kira out of hiding which it never did.

Kira in hiding
Kira is waiting for Edison to return to Hong Kong to release more pictures to embarrass him.

I shall proceed to blog about my chinese new year, dubai and venice. Also how life to me as an unemployed 😉

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7 Responses to Edison Chen Scandal.

  1. Des says:

    neh…i never think those celebs are innocent..esp ah gil…

    all also scandalous wan…waiting for ppl to make a fuss out of it oni..

    i wonder those celebs must be too lonely…

  2. Eve says:

    i din say she;s innocent. i say those fan-see will think she’s innocent. Look at my tagbox la. hahah

    lonely n boring ppl will do things very extreme wan

  3. ihsan_huhu says:

    they r innocent just bcoz they look hot in such pics.. so ppl no need to get angry…

    next time put link la.. easier to analyse the situation, then can give gud2 comments


  4. Anonymous says:

    items used in edison chen scandal


  5. Anonymous says:

    too bad to them, I wonder if they can find some piece after something big like this. here some more url that I found interesting too.

    Edison Chen Scandal

  6. Marowen says:

    Haha…taktik keji…I guess it worked…

    None of these entertainers are ever naive and innocent…Gillian’s probably snatching this opportunity for publicity…cmon, even after Paris Hilton’s sex tape scandal, they are still dumb enough to take pictures and videos while performing oral sex…such things are doomed to leak…

    My own conspiracy theory: why do all the pictures only involve oral sex? What happened to the actual intercourse? If he’s such a badass, why would Edison stop filming after the oral part? One scenario would be these people already knew this is gonna happen, so they were like “oh ok, let’s skip the sex part, I think doing oral is enough to become super-famous”. Another scenario would be these celebrities collaborated with Kira by paying him huge sum of money for not sharing the real thing. The whole thing is a setup to tease the public.

    But one thing for sure: those who idolize and worship celebrities are simply dumb-asses. I hope now they realize their stupidity.

  7. Eve says:

    marowen: yes i think it worked too 🙂

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