English Drama Vs Hongkong Drama

Recently i’m so hook on to english drama. Last time i used to watch all Tvb series.

English Drama, you can watch for like yearss e.g. Friends, Sex and the city.

TVB you can finish them in a matter of a day or 2. I’m talking bout marathon ok. Usually it’s just 20 episode then finito.

We can almost guess who is the murderer or who will pak-thor with who at the middle of the series, but we still watch because the actor is so cute aka Bosco. Abit wasting time ler.

English ones, they have so many twist and turns until i can’t watch till i’m lost. Just like when i’m watching Lost.

I’m now so addicted to Prison Break, Desperate Housewives and reality shows like America’s Next top Model and Project Runway.

Prison Break is the best!!! Wentworth Miller…*drools*

I’m still too lazy to load all the photos from penang. Wait ler, DeepaRaya hols i’m gonna be home so most probably will get that done =)

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4 Responses to English Drama Vs Hongkong Drama

  1. christalloh says:

    ya ya… totally agree with you.
    English @ Canton series are the best marathon one could ever have…


  2. Kenny Ng says:

    i lazy to watch any drama… didn’t watch for so many years also… recently only watch LOST season 1 & 2.

  3. Eve says:

    Christal: yalor…u with ur OC

    kenny: lost…i watch d can lost wan..hehe

  4. stocktube says:

    hey, prison is my fav as well … i’ve watched the season-1 and in the middle of downloading season-2 … same with lost season 3


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