Every Farewell is a new beginning

So few weeks back I decided to quit my job and relocate back to Penang. Hence, abandonment of blogging.

Trying to catch up as much as I can now. Even with a photo/blog post a week is so damn difficult. I don’t know how those people do it! After work, I would whale on the couch and channel surf all night. Now that I’m back in Penang, I have the luxury of satellite TV! woohoo!

What a whirlwind of events I had for the past 22 month residing in KL. Seems like it had only been yesterday I resigned from my job to venture to KL.

I was so happy when I thought I found THE job. You know, the type you look forward to it daily, supported by an amazing team. I was not on a single day of medical leave throughout the first 14 months I was with them. It was something that I am very proud of.

That was all before the nightmare started. Everything just seems to change overnight and I just couldn’t bear to face some people in the office. Disappointment, one after another. Unprofessional behavior and lies. The saddest part of the entire episode was the fact that I enjoyed my job very much, just not the people! Everyone is responsible for their own happiness and future. If I fail to take the first step out, I have no one but myself to blame for the miserable life I was leading. Therefore I decided to leave once again. Or should I say return to Penang.

For week 18, there will be more than 1 photos! Leaving everything I love behind was so hard. I was very torn when I had to decide whether to leave KL or continue looking for another job.. I love many things about KL. I do miss the solitary life where I can do pretty much what I want, when I want. But opportunity does not knock on our door daily..

I misses my colleagues so much. I am so lucky to be blessed twice with amazing colleagues!Especially Karen and Lim. People I talk to on a daily basis 🙁

I will again miss my dear “accidental” friend where our friendship was tested through time and distance. Haha..

Of course the people who i hang out mostly with. Im sure my weekends would be very much different without you guys again.Fear not, we meet often.. :))

As much as I hate to admit this, I do miss living with DivaLisa and the new big room in the new house  in one of the best area which is suppose to be where I am now!! T__________T #sacrifices

Tornado hiting my room hours before I was to drive back to Penang

Close to 2 years of belongings.

The next chapter of my life in Penang had already begun. Hope it will be a good one. Seems like it will be.  #hopeful 🙂

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