facebook is taking all my time away~~

Virtually got complained for blogging less, and shorter post.

So what do you guys want from me?! Long absences got complaint, frequent but short post also got complaint. Post too long also got complaint 🙁

I’m actually quite boring in life. I’m in Penang afterall, what do you expect? I don’t go clubbing anymore. I only play games on FB..

I guess I will post photos of myself more strolling botanical garden instead of foods I eat. Deal?

For today, let me show you my recent obsession on FB.

1. Bejewelled. No point showing you anything cos the scoreboard is clear every few weeks. But it’s evil. It’s freaking addictive and without realizing, I’ll be sitting and clicking away at the games for hours!! I could have used that time to blog properly, eh ? :shy:

**updated news! My colleague was squealing happily a minute ago…and send out a mass email with this. Her bejeweled score is more than >200k. Crazy gila babi!!


2. Restaurant CITY!!! Come trade with me if you have Cheese and Cream. That’s all i need to complete all my recipe!!


My lovely pink restaurant.


You may notice that part of the tile are ugly and it’s pretty disorganize. Well, I haven’t really figure on my restaurant deco yet, so i’ll leave it as it it! hahahaha.

that’s all for today folks!

** Most importantly, I’m still figuring how to change my blog header. I think it’s my template problem. I will try to change to a new one soon, but it wont be pink anymore! 🙁 how…FML…

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