Father’s Day Trip Home

So what if it had been 2 weeks? HEhe…sorry! I just found time to edit the bunch of photos i took last 2 weekend. Well, i didn’t really do a good job, i just tried to squeeze in as much photos as i can. Did a ugly job..just see la..*shrugs*

Well, trips back to Penang wont be complete without F.O.O.D.

We went all the way to Sg.Puyuh for the famous “lil’ chicks” It’s not really chicks, it’s spring chicken. It’s meant to be small in sizes, we are not being cruel by eating the youngs of the chicken, i mean, we ARE going to eat it anyway when it become chicken, so…?? We ordered alot of stuff that day, the octopus, the fresh-can-drink-all-the-soup-fish, the crispy-can-die popiah, plus alot, i forgot d..hehe. Ohya, we tried the tuak as well. Not to most of the people liking, but i like~~! hahaha. The boys like not very approving that i can drink better than ’em. Hehehe… Dont jeles ok!! At night, i had dinner with me family at a posh restaurant for Father’s Day. After dinner, all rush to different places d, i went Gurney(where-else in penang can go??) for Jianzzz Birthday! Then proceed to sega’s to watch the czech republic vs ghana(voodoo) match.

What more can i ask for to end my weekend in Pleasant Penang??

alcohol + football + big screeeeeeennn projecter +++ Kawan-Kawan baik
yang sudah balik dari serata dunia *smile smile smile*
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  1. angchoonseong says:

    hohoho..dat day muka masam macam sial…

    glad u are back in pg as well. And the sg puyoh chicks really hot! but the tuak not so best… eric koay have to pang sai beberapa kali to detoxify it.

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