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Backlog project #52

Already a few have been teasing me for being a failure -__________-

For the month of February it’s all about love. Love for family, friends and mrsmallface :))

#7 2nd mega gathering for Colistrian class of 2002 gathering. I missed the first one so it’s officially my first gathering. It’s a headache but successful in the end. So glad so many turn up! Catching was so much fun as I haven’t seen some girls since then. Can’t believe it already been 9 year i left school o_O am i really that old??

#8 Annual Chinese new year lousang for those in KL. Some new addition, some that had moved back to Penang

#9 MrSmallFace birthday cum Valentines Day spend together with all our friends. Best way to escape the commercial trap of V-days. Had so much fun.. but sadly time was short.

Super yummy burger made by MrSmallface hahahaha! First time he cooked anything for me! 🙂

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