Final post of 2007


Hmm….so 364 days has flown past me again.

What did i do last year today? I think i was helping my sister do some last minute stuff for her wedding or something along the line. I know i did not go to any countdown or whatsoever because we(lee family) had to stay home for the hair combing ceremony thingie.

After it’s all over, i sneak out to mamak with the guys. So i spend my new year morning at the mamak. Classic.

I can’t even remember how’s my new year the year before that. If i can’t remember it, it probably isn’t anything major.
(Infact, i did remember the new year’s eve! I walked from KLCC to Sg.Wang with my housemates and back again after the countdown. It also the night where some of the guys got harrassed by gay angmoh. kekeke. And the year before that, if not mistaken, i was having a nice evening at sega with the gang before a certain bitch ruin the it.)

This year, it’s gonna be awesome!

How awesome?

Very awesome, because i’ll be busy till 11pm and probably come back online and msn till late like everyday and sleep in late the next day in this country with free aircon.

Stress free. Crowd free. No stinking hair. No sweaty people.


Because of the festive season, i’ve subconsciously stopped my exercises regime, star eating like a pig and sleeping like a koala bear. Not very good news. Therefore, i’ve decided to force myself to watch the best thinspiration out there!!

Behold! Victoria Secret Fashion Show!

Looking at the models, make me wanna throw all my junk food away and run 10miles a day. or simply drown myself with tears.

Now everyone have a nice new year! 🙂

Plays Mika – Big Girls You Are Beautiful. dum dum dum….

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