Finally it’s all over..

Studies over, holiday as well. Have to get a grip of myself and start planning for my future. I’m not young neither old. But i have to have a plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

I’m now in Edinburgh leaching off buaya’s place while looking for a job. Hopefully someone will hire. I NEED a job! haiz…

Anyway, i was having bread and butter for brunch when DivaLisa called. My family having korean food in some restaurant and she passed the phone around to everyone including my uncle! Why don’t i just go back Malaysia and i can have all the best food, be around friends and family and have car to drive and need to convert every penny i spend, people will ask? I like it here alot, it’s so different. I haven’t had enough yet for me to go home just like tat. Even if i had to eat bread for 1 week, i will find a way to stay here. Malaysia is somewhere i will go back to eventually, but not now when i still can explore. Anyway, i need to find a job so i can have money and wont be so bored as well.

Somethings wrong with my wifi so i couldn’t seem to online from my notebook so i can only online whenever buaya is not around, which is most of the time. muahaha.. hopefully able to blog soon. about the trip. Forget london, liverpool. Spain and Portugal is the place to be.

The only thing i regret about this trip is not deciding to go sooner. The best time of my life although i walked until my heels crack like volcano and had to eat bread most of the time. It’s something i would love to do for the rest of my life.

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3 Responses to Finally it’s all over..

  1. Des says:

    the bread over there nicer issit? full of carbo… bet u gona put on some weight? hahaha…

    come back, we go korean bbq! follow with mahjong!

    thanks for your wishes!

  2. Wanster says:

    become janitor la. highly paid also wat.


  3. ihsan_huhu says:

    who’s buaya?
    ACS? he’s not buaya… he’s Bapak Buaya

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