Flexing some muscle at Ao Nang

Before the fan-crazy-post on Mraz concert, allow me to bring myself back to Krabi once again…

OK, Where did I stop? Alright, it was our first one-day-trip and these are all the activities we had to cover in ONE DAY! Unbelievable?

Believe it!  To save your bandwith, click

Nah…I was just kidding, even Superman couldn’t survive the trip. We went for a full day kayaking trip to Ao Thalane for Day 2; and believe me, it is worth every single joule of energy spent. It was quite a deal that we got from Art Canoeing. Because we bought 2 full day trips off them on the spot, we paid only 1800 bht each instead of at least 2500bht they would be chargng any “westerner”

We were out in the sea kayaking for almost 4 hours *exhaustinnng* Trust me, for a person with zero sports cell in her, i did pretty good. If i can do it, I don’t see why anyone else can’t.

My Human Kayak Motor

First spot was to Ao Thalene, a lush mangroove cave area where it’s so cooling and peaceful that i feel like just floating around for the rest of the day.. At this point, I’m still afraid to pull out my canera so not much photos. From there, we kayak to another full mangroove area filled with monkeys!! Fortunately, the monkeys there are very tame so unlike those from home =.=

Fortunate for the monkey that I know that before it jump right in front of me. It must have been praying for it’s hearing before we kayak in :S

It was just sitting there eating the pineapple and when it’s done with it, it went diving infront of us. MONKEY.CAN.SWIM. AND. DIVE. That’s really something new to me hahah

The wind wasn’t very kind to us that day. Every stroke of the paddle seems useless. Then we stopped at some cave when the guide skillfully serve us with the sweetest pineapple that i’ve ever had. He just sit there in his kayak and start to slice away with a seemingly useless small knife while the rest of us stare in awe.

The very very large canyon that we went after the cave. In MrSmallFace words, “It’s like we are in Lord of the Rings movie” his face full with amazement.Photos will do no justice on the height and beauty of it. It just feel different kayaking into it rather than looking from the flat photos…

Caught red handed. My human motor is taking a break. No wonder our kayak just won’t budge faster =.=

From there, we saw a monitor lizard sleeping on a tree, a puffer fish caught in a net and arms getting more tiring as we battle the waves towards a small sand bed in the middle of the sea. It was filled with thousand and thousand of small crabs that ran away once we go near.

Stupid starfish that lies everywhere!! The guide just pick a few up and threw them across the water as if they are pebbles. The cliffs behind me is where the canyon lies.

Then it’s back to the pier and lunch. LIKE FINALLYYY!! Before heading to the amazing Emerald Pool (Sra Kaew). Looks like it’s a elephant drinking bowl huh..

We were told the colors of the water changes day to day. From green>blue> turqouise> ??

Very cool indeed. pun intended.

Day 3 started out early as well. Tuk Tuk was early today. We stopped at Railay Beach for a while to pick someone up and it was breathtakingly beautiful. No wonder it’s one of the best beaches in S.E.A. Most of the speed boat tour (island hopping) centers around the Phi Phi archipelago. Upon reaching the first, Bamboo Island, we can hear gasps going around the boat and sounds of hands searching for their cameras.

It’s crazy how white the sands are. It’s blinding!! I had to keep my sunnies on all the time even when i’m in the sea.Not to mentioned how HOT it was.

Then I can’t remember what our Thai guide was saying. Viking Caves, Pileh Bay, Shark Point, Monkey Bay, Lohsamah Bay. It all sounds the same to me. Looks the same as well. Breathakingly marvelous jelly like seas.

However, the most beautiful of all, i think is Maya Bay. Afterall, Leornardo Dicarprio filmed “The Beach” here. It’s THE BEACH. eheheh

The day was filled with dozing off in the speed boat ride with the wind softly blowing around you, waking up, go shuttercrazy for awhile, jumping into the sea for snorkelling and repeat. For most of the part, i prefer to throw bread crumbs towards the direction of MrSmallFace so he’ll get attack by fishes ahhahaha

The end of the day came fast and we spend most of the time running around Ao Nang beach (where the boat drops us) until it started to rain and we had to seek shelter in a smelly phone booth.

The differences of me and him jumping. My pathetic attempt.

There’s more to do in Krabi other than those I’ve mentioned here. If you notice, i mentioned cliff.

Yes, Krabi is famous for it’s cliff climbing too. As well as bungee jumpings, jungle trekking, scuba diving and much more. But we don’t have the time for everything.

After all that, we all need to get pampered. Especially in Thailand where massages are damn good at a steal! We couldn’t decide where to go so we decided to trus the sign which said THE BEST MASSAGE in TOWN. For once, it’s telling the truth. Hehehe..

And finally get to use my Princess Instax Film that Christal/Jason got for me!!

Now, next post up would be none other than… 😀

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7 Responses to Flexing some muscle at Ao Nang

  1. wanster says:

    WOW u make me wanna go there so badly. and the pool water macam mixed with buncho water color, so fake!

    and ur jump is pathetic 😀

  2. Mr Huhu says:

    wow… i will go there one day…

  3. desmond-t says:

    Full with awe now… I jugak mau pigi… korek kore masa dan duit sekarang…

  4. wendy says:

    i wanna go there someday! its so beautiful!

  5. ynnek says:

    Well, like wat Wanster said, the sea is really made of Buncho water color… it is really fascinating but the marine life is rather disappointing. Just a few Faber Castell fishes and i hardly found any Nemos…

  6. Eve says:

    All: Wow, i think i am eligible to be the ambassador already. 1 post can make so many people feel like going Krabi, where many people still ask me where it is.. 😀

    Wanster: yes, my jump is pathetic

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