Free Movie at Times Square

Last saturday, SweetSarah and I went to Times Square at 9 in da morning to catch the premiere screening of High School Musical courtesy from smashpOp. We not only get to watch the highly acclaimed movie version of the musical FIRST, we also get freee popcorn, freee soft drinks, freee posters, freee postcards and freee T-SHIRTS that are really really cool!!
Very enjoyable movie indeed! If you like movies like Sound of Music, or MaryPoppins, then you would have really like this as well. Those with astro can watch it on Disney Channel.

It was also the first time for me to meet a big-time blogger. I mean, a blogger that i dont already know as a friend. Wow, actually quite nervous. haha. Although i know he wont bite, but still shy shy mar…He looks exactly like his photo(duuuhh) Taller than me, that’s kinda rare nowadays (i’m about 170cm) hahahaha…

I think i look kinda stupid that morning, because i slept like less than 4 hours, thanks to Football match the night before that. ARghhhh….

Went window shopping with roomie after the movie, but bought nothing. Proceed to but bought nothing also. The things there “bo ngam”/not suitable me AT ALL!! If i wear those teeny-weeny made for hobbits dress, i’ll be like (thinks Incredible Hulk) *cracking sounds*

Now when you see those lalamuis on the street, you can’t actually put all the blame on them for wearing like kawaii girls. They have no choice on what to wear. If you notice, all those shops are selling items that is 85% similar. Those girls/boys, have no choice but shop there therefore they have no choice but buy what is available = lalamuis.

I conclude the culprits behind the evolving lala-ness culture in our society is the shopowner that suddenly decide that copying the style of harajuku’s are Kawaaaiiiii-desss-neehhh…. *vomits*

Even in Japan, those harajuku people only dresses like that on SUNDAY and on that area la…follow blindly only…-_-”

For me, i will never achieve the “cuuutteee” look. Why? simple. I’m not born to be cute. Period. Posing with one eye shut, tongue protruding out sideways, with a peace sign around eye region makes me looks fucking retarded/spastic/idiotic. No, i am not going to post a sample of my spastic photo in my blog. All photos must be nice nice ones…so when i look back when i’m 68 years old, i wont see a retarded face here, only prettiees onesss

I better stick to boring-bigsmileforthecamera-pose. =D ps: surprisingly i had a good hair day, but a Hello-panda eye day o_O

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6 Responses to Free Movie at Times Square

  1. j a s o n y o n g says:

    wud die to c u do that cutie-jap-wannabe pose..come post..
    jokes must be shared.oopz i mean pretty pics..LOL
    pg now full of lala..i beh cope..HhAhA

  2. Deriku says:

    ah…’highly acclaimed’ eh, regret i didn’t go watch.
    i can’t tahan lalamui also…haha.

  3. ting says:

    ishh..i want to watch high school musical also…so lucky to get the goodies! yeah..i lalamui have no sense of colour combination

  4. Eve says:

    jason: i know u not used to seeing asians anymore…

    derek: highly acclaimed to make it sound more interesting ma…haahha…jeles ya?

    ting: you know about this show also ya?

    all: only lalachai can stand a sight of lalamuis

  5. Deriku says:

    wanna add to my previous comment:
    i cannot tahan lalamui also…with the exception of suanie! 😀

  6. smashpOp says:

    weeeeeeeeeee! happy happy movie 😛

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