and it’s only late october o_O

I don’t really have a choice but to shop for thicker, woolly clothes. Even getting a newspaper down the lane requires a thick jacket. During afternoon, u get 10c i think. ZOMG!

I canot imagine how horrible winter gonna be. I now sleeps with socks and gloves with duvet and a blanket. AND STILL FEEL FREAKING COLD!!!! ARghhhhhhhhhh

A friend of mine…also in some village, sleeps under a thick duvet, wrapped inside a sleeping bag wearing a jacket with socks and glove..hAhaha…sounds damn funny, but i can honestly tell u, the feeling of NOT being able to feel anything else is not ….

Most of the times, i worry bout my fingers might just drop off due to severe numbness.

Anyway, i’m now leeching the connection off some poor soul and it’s extremely unstable. I’m blessed to be able to even open a page, more so BLOG!

I miss everyone so much! I feel so disconnected from the world when i am not online on msn!!


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2 Responses to Freezinnn!

  1. CY says:

    Well, blogging will keep your fingers warm. So it’s a good thing to be an internet addict! 😛

  2. Wanster says:

    feeling cold is a good sign that u’re slimming down and u lack layers of fat to keep your body warm.

    so be glad u’re not sweating 😀

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