Gayang Seafood Restaurant, KK

What is a trip to Sabah without Seafood being part of it ?

Unheard of!!

So after the long day at the Wildlife Park, off we go to Gayang Seafood Restaurant. According to my cousin, this restaurant is usually the choice for local while tourist usually picks Salut Seafood because it is like the first restaurant you will reach around this area. Gayang is located further down the road and not really visible from the main road.

The first thing you do before going to your table is to choose the live seafood which will be served to you in a  bit! See the huge  selection they have here? Actually Penang also got already 🙂

Noticed the plastic bottles in the tank? Each of the bottle actually contains 1 mantis prawn!! The boss explained that by doing this, the mantis can be separated with each other and will not fight. Thus, the mantis served will be in perfect condition. wow wow..

Plenty of Unagi.

The restaurant is shaped like a huge canopy on stilt next to the mangrove. or on the mangrove. whichever is more correct ..This is the crowd at 6plus in the evening.. we were lucky we managed to arrive early before it’s packed to the brim.

The view we had while waiting for our dishes. Very serene.

First up, Sabah weird vegetable #1 . Sabah Shu Cai Choy which I don’t like. But don’t take my word for it as I hate vegetables in case you haven’t noticed yet. Most of my food blog doesnt have vegetable 😀

Sabah Egg noodle. We had this instead of rice. Not bad, but if you had too much, doesn’t taste so nice anymore.

We also had softshell crab but i think everyone will know how it look like, hence no pictures. The Mantis prawn was like RM20 each i think or less. I should have done this blog long ago. Almost forgotten most of it -__-

I suppose the way we had it cooked was wrong as the meat was hard to chew on.

We were actually very full at that time with just 3 person but every single table had the prawns. The table in front of us have like 4 plates of it and we just HAD to have it!!

I think MrSmallFace and CousinTing can vouched for me that it was the best decision we had made that evening. It was seriously damn good!! It’s cooked in a very simple way, buttered.

It tasted so good and mainly its because the prawns are so fresh!!

To show you the size of the prawns. Soft reminder, my face is very big so you can imagine the size of it ya T__T

The best part of it was the prawns cost us like RM20 only!!! DIRT CHEAP isnt it?

We polished everything off nevertheless. The entire meal cost us about RM120 and it comes free with coconut pudding.

A recommended dining experience for those who are looking for seafood in KK. You will have to drive there though or take a cab.

Address: Kampung Baharu, Jalan Sulaman, Tuaran, Sabah, Malaysia.

Operation Hours: 11 am to 10 pm (Daily)

Coordinates: lat=6.1127605 lon=116.1500251

Sabah Shu Cai Choy
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