I think we read enough on what happened and whats not in the past few weeks. Instead of ranting (which i definitely can!!) I would just like to put down this very eventful month in my blog through pictures and short captions of what I remembered.

#1 – the start of the campaigning when Penang was flooded with blue flags..every where we go, we see the flags and banners and buntings.

#2 – move aside monopoly deal, politiko is the game of the season!

#3 – The first mammoth gathering at HanChiang. Even though it rain 3 times the entire night, most people stay put. #430

#4 – When I was sitting on the field and the leaders announced there’s more than 100k people there, I was really skeptical over it. I already had my share ceramahS for this election and was even on the edge of giving this a miss.  Overwhelming feeling when we left the field at around 1030pm i think. The crowd was overflowing on to the streets. The below photo was taken at Pitt Street. There was SO MANY people!! You can definitely feel it!! Everyone was walking peaceful, cars that was stuck in the mother of all jam was behaving themselves. Seems impossibruu coming from Penang drivers, but yes, somehow miracle happen that night. I already had my utmost respect to Mr Karpal Singh, but the respect went multi-fold when I saw him being pushed all the way to Esplanade to speak to the people from SXI (that’s where I saw him, not sure how far he started) The determination to get to the people, by all means. #503

#5 –  Google Doodle on Election Day! Full of colors full of hope for a better future.


#6 – My 3rd time volunteering during Election Day. Second time voting.  First time as polling agent and I hope to be again for the next one as well.

#7 – Coincident that this happen to be Google doodle on the day after Election ? So morbid. Seems to be able to read the mind of 51% of the voters… 🙁  It wasn’t even a blue Monday  it was a very dark Monday for me. It was one of the few times I woke up feeling so miserable and sad. In all honesty, I really do not think we were able to entirely swept them out or have majority at first. But with all the stuff brewing, it just very difficult not to feel hopeful. Just like for once, please make it happen. But #505 happen..  🙁

#8 – And then of course more shit happen after that. However, because of all the shit stirrer, we are stronger than ever. We lost this battle but we will win the war. For Malaysia is too beautiful a country to let it wither away.



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