Glo-wing Night

Last wednesday, after so god damn long, the gang finally decided that we needed to dance. We headed out for a late dinner and Glo, supposedly the hottest club in Penang currently. Well, i’m not too sure bout all these stuff now. Old and retired d..

Kim & MungCollege Friends

I wouldn’t say i regret going that night as i bumped into loads of friends that i haven’t seen in AGES!! I was shouting all night so that i could be heard! Ughh, i lost my voice when we went mamak after that. I kinda forgot that i actually had friends in the real world…*beam beam* HAHAH *happy song playing at the backgroud*

Lady Cow – All time Friend!!

It was like a reunion for my high school friends, so it was really nice. Michelle was celebrating here 21st that night, and i’ve seen her for like the past 3 years, so it’s was great seeing her again. ( i got stuff with a piece of blackforest cake, yummy!!)

Colistrians Reunion in Da Club~

There was like a dancing diva thing going on that night, so practically it’s free show for us. hahaa. Slutty dance, hip-hop wannabe, “shuffler” wannabe. It’s all up on the stage. You win, you get RM555 cash. Nice price eh? But would that be worth showing everyone the color of ur panties/thong or your shapeless bra? Worst, had tones of cameras flashing at you while your dancing sluttily or drunk.
I wouldn’t do anything like that, what if my mom sees it? I would be D.E.A.D.

I actually wanted to delay blogging bout this cos i wanted to collage the photos i had but im lazy. Sorry guys, none of your faces up here. hHAhahaha…It’s Ladies Night, so i’ll post the girls photos here only lar….

ps: 80% of the night photos had been uploaded at my photo album ya’ll…the usual site. Go see!!

PPS: I’m Going Genting Tomoro!! No more Postponing! Yayeee!! Can take photo till tangan patah d..mUahahha

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5 Responses to Glo-wing Night

  1. angchoonseong says:

    gua tersilap i removed it myself..tarak apa…sory sama lu..

    happy bergenting while i shrugged past this 3 days of saat-saat genting!

  2. christalloh says:

    atlast going to genting ar… huahahahha…. have a nice time le… i think i’ll be leaving for Singapore this Wed… huahahahha…

  3. NKW says:

    where’s this glo??? do they play decent techno/trance there?

    which other clubs play techno/trance in penang…?

  4. Wan Yean says:

    oh, its vacation time! guess where am i now? johor! (pretends to sound damn happy)

    chivas on her shirt?! gawd, she’s nuts!! what a waste! (but still hot la.. hehe)

  5. Anonymous says:

    YOU DIE.. I am going to show mom this.. you are so so dead.

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