Glorious Food!!

Long time no update on my life, except some rants. So here’s some good food i’ve been stuffing myself on this stressful week. First up! The Pizzahut Cheesy Bite!! Looks very tempting in the advertisement so me and housemates decided to give it a go on tuesday night. We ordered the large combo that comes with soup and garlic bread. The soup on that day was *blah*, the garlic bread made up for that =)OK! The pizza was damn good cos it’s sooo cheesy!! It’s filled with anykind of cheese you can think of, when you pulled the crust out, u can see mozarella cheese, gooey cheese, yummy CHEESE! I like alot. Sorry did not take too many photos cos, i’m busy eating and i have greasy hand = no touchin my camera. wahaha.. Moving on… I finally get to watch my Johnny Depp in action! yAY! Simply love it, but i still think this instalment is so-so compared to the first one. Still, it’s so funny especially when Captain Jack Sparrow go all pondan-ish. After the movie, we went to Murni for dinner/supper as we skip dinner for the movie, as usual late. I had the famous Cheese Nan, Yep, cheese again. haha. I think it’s the best cheese nan i had. EVER! Love it to bits. You can choose to dip it into condense milk (makes it even sweeter), dhal or some curry. hehe Can you see cheese oozing out from everywhere?!! Looking at the photos, makes me hungry again 0_O My friend ordered this Sizzling Chicken Chop and it taste real nice as well, maybe you can give it a try the next time you are there =)On Friday itself, i met up with my dear friend, Eric at KLCC. He was here for just a day so we chatted over lunch. It has been so long since i’ve seen him. Since i’ve never tried Mdm Kwans before, we went there. Quite pricey i would say but the quality and quantity makes up for it. I had a RM13.90++ nasi lemak >< and a milk shake. I think the most expensive nasi lemak i ever had in my entire eating life. It taste great, seriously i would go back again. According to my diva sister, the nasi beriyani is even better.Last but not least, YESTERDAY, me and a few decided to go Starhill for dinner because one of them read in the newspaper, one of the restaurant are giving away free food. Sound pathetic right, but it’s a buffet and i’ve never been to the new Starhill before. Why not give it a shot right?? So we went there and couldn’t find the place. hahaha. But starhill is really a wow to me. How to afford those stuff la? haih..Even the music playing around the gallery is classical and it’s played not by a cd but a real live quartet. The stuff there, mahal sial… So high class si wan.. T__T

Nearing to starvation, we decide to scavenges for food and stop looking for the free buffet. SO NO FREE LUNCH IN THIS WORLD!!

Cheecheongkai/ Petaling St is our next destination after getting sesat trying to find TGIF. You can clearly see that that’s the only shop packed with human along chee cheong kai. It’s not the portugese grill fish. While waiting for the food, this is SarahtheRoomie all dressed up. Pretty rite? haha. sorry already takenWe had the claybot bee tai bak that the shop is famous for. REally nice! Then we also had some pork mee. The black black thingie is the pork which is ummy and the whole thing actually tasted like wan tan mee…Next comes the delicious MUST try fried wantan. So crunchy and the tasty. I LIKE!Bloggin bout all this food makes the blogger hungry. Gonna look for food d…

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7 Responses to Glorious Food!!

  1. Jason says:

    Hahaha, for a second i thought bout going back to KL for Murni’s cheese nan but i guess i’d rather stay in Penang, lol.

    Mdm Kwan’s nasi lemak is awesome and filling. The portion is big so you get what u pay for.

    You makan so much good food eh, ish ish.

  2. aL says:

    thanks for that pizza hut review. been waiting for ppl to blog bout it. yay! i dont fancy bread but bread with lotsa cheese is the exception. lol.

    yup. murni’s cheese nan is the best but i like the mee bandung, roti hawaii, mango special and pink panther better! haha. miss that place too. used to be the regular customers when i stay around there last time…

    so mdm kwan’s nasi lemak’s reali that good. i bliff in ur taste my fellow penangite! lol. i wil go one day! next month! yee haw!

  3. Eve says:

    Jason: next time we go cari makan in kl together.haha

    cal: no worries, u ask pwah to go with u, she’s dying to try.haha. Murni got pink panther? haven’t try before. will try next time im there ok? hehe. the blended drinks i like but sometimes too filling if take with food. Can kena brain freeze also. haha.

  4. Joosing says:

    hey hey…murni tu kat mana ya kak???
    im so tempted laa…….
    ish ishh……
    i tried the cheesy bite d…..AWESOME! im so hungry now laa………all becos of ur blog!!!
    tell me ya…where is Murni!!!!
    i wana try it one day!!!

  5. sabrina says:

    Hey nice blog.
    I am bloody hungry after reading your post la but it’s past 12 and the pizza joints are closed!! Woe is me!

  6. aL says:

    eve: the next time i go pizza hut i will invite pwah also. lol. if she stil hvnt try it lar.

    pink panther not as good as mango special lar. but okay. but filling like u say.

    but hey! i like william more leh. u noe where ar? taman mayang. old lim kok wing campus in pj there. check it out. ur kl frens shud noe.

    joosing: murni is at SS2 in PJ =)

  7. Eve says:

    sabrina: Thanks for dropping by =)

    al: i know where william is before murni or where is wangsa maju! ahaha. Simply love it. I blog before, i went there with cK ma.. =.=

    you know william and murni taukeh are brothers? dono leh..haha

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