Go Fly a Kite

“go fly a kite” to tell someone to go to another place and do something different; leave here (aggressive).

But not the case here :p Of course the more readers, the happier apple4today will be!

Today is a very happy day! First, I dreamed that Robert Pattison aka Edward Cullen aka HOT vampire is my boyfriend from college. Then, at work, I got back at an ignorant stupid person that only cause me nothing but trouble for the past month. FEELS SO GOOOOD! :))

So last saturday, MrSmallFace and me were zooming around Penang on the bike because we woke up very late and was super hungry…Then I remember reading something on Kite flying event at Esplanade. I did not even bring my Lumix out so photos are taken with my phone’s camera and uws which will updated here later..

ZoomZoom Face =.=


There wasn’t alot of kite. Just haze and well, haze~ But we hang around for the star of the event!

The huge octopus kite!


There’s hordes of SLR wielding photographers almost every direction i turned too..I feel puny with my low end phone and plastic camera that goes “kraawwk kraawwk kraawwk” everytime i take a photo…hahaha


Here’s one photo i stole of visitpenang website :p

Such big difference in terms of …urm…everything!!!

Last night, we caught IceAge 3 in action. Funny as always.


Noob MrSmallface =.= Likes 3D so much ….

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2 Responses to Go Fly a Kite

  1. wanster says:

    ah butt look like speed racer

  2. ynnek says:

    Rain is falling down **Chest back and forth**

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