gone were those days

Gone were those days where I’m so eager to go to any events or clubs every week. Any “happening” places, I’ll be there! I must be there. Its fun! I’ve so much energy. Just like the Duracell Bunny. Clubbing and dancing my weeekends away.

Last weekend, went to SS with some colleagues and I couldn’t wait to go home to be honest. Anyway, most of my close friends don’t even go clubbing anymore. We prefer to sit down at some place where conversations can actually be heard.

Probably because we have all grown out of the local clubs after seen much MUCH better ones at neighboring countries. Honestly, Malaysia clubs are really not up to it. It’s smoky like hell reads: promoting 2nd hand smoker which is just plain dumb. Just why Malaysia had yet to impose the ban on smoking indoors puzzles me. My hair stinks the day after even after wash. Why Brits are able to smoke outside in the cold, when you can’t in the warm?

The drinks are way overprice. One of the most “happening” clubs in penang are even charging a bottle of normal vodka for RM350. WTH~ That’s nightime robbery~ I’ll never that much for my drinks not that I need to eheheh, but still, the operators are earning like 200% net profit i think.

I dont even bother to dress up anymore when clubbing in Penang. Not like they have the strictest dress code here anyway. Much teenyboppers or 29 dresses as if they are at Harajuku or a place with the temperature of -20celcius.

I think I’m just too old for all of these. Hahaha. Probably cos i’ve seen it and done it and had enough. Preferring to sit infront of my computer playing GeoChallenge or killing some zombies. Fuss Free..

Just a photo i took before leaving for SS. Nowadays, i don’t even bring cameras there!! And it’s a must when I’m much younger =.=

I’m also wondering if my readers will leave me once and for all if i post more of my camwhoring photos…It’s a risk..ehhehe

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3 Responses to gone were those days

  1. Mr Huhu says:

    wah.. sudah bertaubat r?

  2. wanster says:

    time to shift over to g spot, soho, shenanigans?

  3. ven says:

    Lounge, pubs and cafe always win hand downs if I got a choice of place to hang out. Club is more anti social than social to me

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