Good Morning! or in my case Good nite!

Give the willllddddesst guess what time i sleep again? Gueesss la!!

Sunrise!! How often do you get to see sunrise huh? See, me so nice to capture it to show you people…!! Did i just brighten up your day or not??? pls say yes!!
I know i’m acting bimbotic -__- That’s because i’ve stay up since yesterday noon till now (yes, bloggin before tidur) mainly S.T.U.D.Y.I.N.G. and alil bit of msn …maybe alot…hehe. Blardy Moral…so old d study what fucking moral la…as if we got no blaiiins to think for ourself what is wrong and right. Whatmore if the syllabus is so damn screw up already, i.e. suicide bombers adalah bermoral kerana mereka telah menyelamatkan bombers yang lain dan mengorbankan dirinya sendiri == .==

Anyhoo, i guess everyone should know by now, if u dont, now u will!! That crocodile hunter guy is finally dead. Yes, finally! Not because i hate him or anything, that’s because most human that reads chinese newspaper assumed that he was dead last year, dibaham crocodile kononya. Apparently the newspaper published he’s dead once last year. Turns out he is still very much alive and can still do a Micheal Jackson with his kids. Cuckoo fella. So i guess he had a second chance to appreciate life but he just had to throw it to some stingray. Huh…i would have think he would die in the jaws of those crocs….

I noticed that almost everyone on my msn list has put a lil turtle infront of their nick. So-called to honour the passing of Steve Irwin. Puhhleease la people, a turtle and a crocodile hunter? You see any connection in that? It’s just some silly joke some very bored people played to see how cute it will be if the whole msn list suddenly have a lil turtle……childish luuuuuu….. At least put a dead rose/flower la…still what everyone did during tsunami incident.

alrite…have a nice day peeps!!!

ps: i too put tat silly turtle infront of my nick…muahahahhaa…dont wanna feel left out : P

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4 Responses to Good Morning! or in my case Good nite!

  1. Merv Kwok says:

    Think the turtle thing was more of in reference to his work with wildlife 😛 Better than putting the cat or dog emoticon haha!

  2. Eve says:

    merv: true, today they start spreading that we should put a rose instead >_>

  3. aL says:

    sorry to say lar. i never like him wan lor tho i cant deny that he contribute a lot to the awareness of wildlife conservation.

    too exaggerate. kenot tahan.

  4. Eve says:

    al: no need to say sorry. i’m not a fan either. i think he’s irritating inface. HAHAHA

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