Guessing Game = My Sunday Lunch

Just went for lunch with Mom and MrSmallFace and the below photos consist of 2 chrysanthemum & 1 milk tea. A plate of Loh Bak (1 piece of loh bak, 1 prawn fried, 1 piece of fish and 1 squid) Mom and me both had yu shang Kai chok (fish and chicken porridge) and MrSmallFace white chicken rice plus kidney.

Guess HOW MUCH!!

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6 Responses to Guessing Game = My Sunday Lunch

  1. wanster says:

    2 chrys + 1 milk tea = rm3.20
    loh bak = rm5.50
    2 porridge = rm8.00
    chicken rice = rm.4.00

    total = rm20.70

  2. Eve says:

    wrong..try again

  3. wanster says:

    give clue la, too much or too little

  4. wanster says:

    ok,after much consideration, with a post like that normally it is meant to boast about cheap bargains u get, else it would sound something more like “kanasai this bloody hawker center cut my throat suck blood @#$%$#@!@#!!!”

    so i am lowering my guess to rm15.00

  5. Eve says:

    Wanyean: u r the only one that layan so grateful!! So going to revel the truth..

    Drinks: 3.80
    Chicken Rice: 5.70!!!
    Porridge x 2: 6 only!!
    Loh Bak: 10.30

    expensive right!?

  6. wanster says:

    WAH… sejak bila penang food so expensive!!! (except for the porridge)

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