Recent happiness in my life  in no particular order 😀

#1 Jazz Lee


#2 Nice sunday lunch with famileeee


#3 Plenty and i mean, PLENTY of instax film stocks. Enough to last me through the entire 2010 if I do not go trigger high in the upcoming festive season 😀 What more when they are Pooh, HelloKitty, Princess and Mickey Mouse. I’ve never had a mickey mouse pack before and now i have four! Courtesy from DivaLisa 😀 Readers, better go potong and sign up P1 :p


#4 Knowing that Christmas is so near. It’s my favourite festive season of all mainly because of the songs and deco. I know I’m chinese but I really don’t like the loud tong tong tong chiang! :angry:  I love winter as it makes everything looks so beautiful, minus the extreme cold night, wouldn’t mind that much if there’s someone to snuggle with hmm.. I know ChoonSeong would be laughing or disagreeing with me already. But i also love winter clothing because can cheat guys with the thickness, they canot determine whether I’m fat or thin  HAHA! :))

Too many year end means holiday season..Too bad for me, not so much long holidays because since working, “long holidays” no longer exist in my dictionary


#5 Jason Mraz new Beautiful Mess – Live on Earth CD. Today especially when it rained so so hard on the way home from work, I had this CD blasting through my car flimsy speakers, while feeling so protected inside my “milo tin” car against the harsh storm. I’m always happy to have any Jason Mraz’s songs playing while I’m driving.. It actually feels serene to be siting inside the car while the rain splash away. 🙂


#5 The photos from my lx3 !! Still plenty to learn. But all the above photos are taken with lx3 except for Jazz’s. So nice isnt it!! No editing done at all except for resizing.

#6 On Friday night, me and the usuals went to Changkat Bukit Bintang. First time for me and I feel so comfortable there! The place is so nice and plays the right musics. My era music.. -__- It does help that the crowd here are more matured (shit! ) and the place is open area therefore, no smokey hair the day after!! 😀

I’m happy and glad that the couple who (although it’s so cliché but still i’m gonna say it) so meant to be together allows me to be there on their special day. hehehe. As what duckie say, “It’s the differences that makes the relationship interesting”. I wish the both of you much happiness 😀

ps: this post is so random. Actually if I can channel my thought when I’m driving home from work everyday into blog post directly, then you guys will have plenty to read! hahhahaha

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5 Responses to Happiness

  1. Mr Huhu says:

    tong tong ciang lol

  2. angchoonseong says:

    yes…i disagree. Xmas is the worst time of the year.

    Cold, cold and cold. that sums up the whole winter season.

    and wei where is the sunday lunch u had with ur parents?

    Eve: Scott Road

  3. autumn says:

    but i agree with jang wor..i also love xmas-winter..hohoho..cold better than hot..heheh..

    the plc u went for lunch is it the senior citizen association?? long time din go thr d..i miss the jawa mee soup..

    Eve: Winter best! Yes, senior citizen but seems like standard drop..

  4. ah loon says:

    lx3 night shot is just soo sweet!!

    Eve: of course it is! 🙂

  5. jen says:

    i see hello kitty instax!!!!! 😛

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