Happy Birthday DivaLisa & Belated to TingtheCousin

Apparently all the people born on 28th of April are stubborn, control freak, determined, bitchy, domineering, and have the “I RULE THE WORLD, Everyone is dumb and waste of space! Everyone’s my slave” kinda attitude.

28th of April…. DivaLisa’s birthday which coincidently she shares with Saddam Hussein (go flush ur head in toiletbowl if u dono who he is) and also..jeng jeng jeng… WendyCheng fr xiaxue.blogspot.com hahahahah

No wonder they look somewhat alike…, superbly organized, vertically and horizontally challenged. Speaks the same, acts the same. Just one is super blogger, one is super corporate women, the last one is well….former president of Iraq.

Well, happy birthday Taurus !!!

Luckily my cousin Ting did not share all the traits as above..pheww

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday DivaLisa & Belated to TingtheCousin

  1. christal.loh says:


    weird co-incident birthdates…

    & characteristic… lol…

  2. christal.loh says:

    neway… happy belated birthday to Sis Lisa too…

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