Heels: Weapon of feet destruction..

Last night, malapetaka berlaku sekali lagi… Seems like freak accident always happen to me.

I’m jinx like that, fml…

I was at BSV with DivaLisa and JangHeng waiting for elevator. When the stupid elevator do not have a sensor to reopen the door, hence DivaLisa stumbled a few steps back …




Gory photo ahead..

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on to my foot!!!!

which caused me intense pain! It was so painful I instantly can not stand and had to lean against the wall for support. According to Jangheng my whole face went red…

At first, we thought its just a “normal” step on the foot zZzZzzz but then start to see a line of red blood forming..and blood suddenly gushes out.. T_T   T_T

Super tak sangka heels can caused such pain and injuries.. No wonder they are nicknamed KILLER HEELS!

It seems quite serious and swelling was noticeable. But it was 9pm and I had eaten nothing since lunch. I hobbled over to Mdm Kwan, polished off half of the fried rice and only start to look for clinic to get it cleaned.

Past experience with such cut and i skip visiting the doctor made me regret till today 🙁 Left my knee with a huge scar.

The doctor jab me with a tetanus shot as precautionary too and left my arm numb..fml fml..! 🙁

Nah, not so horrible photo of bandaged foot..

Still Fml…

Well, they always say all clouds has a silver lining. Today is a very good day for my career. Hopefully it marks a good year!! :))

Having said that, when the management give you a chip of the chocolate bar, they expect you to give them a whole bucket of gold. Good luck to me! o_o

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3 Responses to Heels: Weapon of feet destruction..

  1. Mr Huhu says:

    ur fren might hav stpped on dogshit b4 stabbing u.
    infection ctrl

  2. autumn says:

    ouch~! sakit!

  3. ah loon says:

    Y no take the weapon of choice eh picture..

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