Hello From Everlasting Summer.

So i am already back in Penang for the Chinese new year. It’s only been 3 days i am here and i already feel not really happy by far. What i get so far is just critism from everyone.

Why so fat wan you?
What happen to you? – from a stupid stupid bitch that i hate and i don’t know why i meet on the first day i was here when i don’t meet when i was still slim last time.wtf.
Why your hair so long and frizzy wan? –humid weather la wtf
Why you grow horizontally wan?
Why your feet so swollen wan? – i also dono why and getting worried as well.
What happen to you diet? – i also wanna know

Why why why? Stop asking me la. i also dont want to grow fat wan wat. Already tried to diet so hard but still so fat i also no idea la. Fat ma fat la… no one cares when i was in uk but it seems to be everyone’s problem here but mine alone. So just leave me alone with my new found fat la..

Other than the above, i got a huge bruise on my knee for going humpty dumpty in Dubai airport when running to the boarding gate. The airport terminal damn damn long. I also got another bruise on the thigh for knocking myself with my luggages -__-

The day i left Dubai, it was hit with a sandstorm. My flight was delayed for 40mins and i missed my connecting flight to penang. Damn pissed because we were running around klia. In fact, i’ve been running for the whole damn day.

Finally touched down in wonderful penang. First thing is hokkien mee!!

Overall, my journey home was quite depressing la. But it has been really great meeting up family, friends and my dog. Although most of them will say why u so fat wan T___T

So hot here and internet is slower. I don’t know when i can get my photos up. hope it will be soon la

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5 Responses to Hello From Everlasting Summer.

  1. mabelleong says:

    Hey girl. I switched phones so I kinda lost your number. Can you give me a ring? I’m using my old number as well.

  2. mrbherng says:

    Walao… why is everyone going back home for CNY??? Still have to attend classes….damn…..

    Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year.

  3. Shiying says:

    i think it’s dubai’s prob la, last time i came bek flight was delayed by one and a half hour, they said couldn’t find our luggage -_-
    n that was like after our 9 hours transit… so frustrating, blah!

  4. h3l3n says:

    eeee kenot stand it ppl look so shock ask Y so fat liao.. arghhhh as if so hard to gain weight meh..

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