Hennessy Artistry!

So Hennessy Artistry @ Quattro huh..

I’ve never been to Quattro before nor to any of the artistry event. So I’m kinda excited and eager to go when Desmond said he had an extra pass for me 😀

Plus, it has already been so long since I’ve been to any of the clubs in KL, I was kinda distressed because of the universal question –> What Am I Going to WEAR?!

6pm sharp, i zoom home to pick an outfit from my very limited wardrobe 🙁

Anyway, I’m quite glad my make up skill has not deteriorate that much. But definitely not good enough as I forgot that there will be big camera with flashes which will make my face as pale as a piece of paper..So basically, it’s pointless for me to put on any makeup -___-


Had to pinkout part of the photo. Else MrSmallFace will go berserk. hehehe

At Quattro with my dearies!!

Because Desmond got us the vip pass, we get to experience the “red carpet”. Once we got our wrist band, we were ushered to a board wall and had at least 5 mega big ass camera suddenly pointing at us. With guys screaming, “Hey look here! then HERE! AND here HERE!!

Blur.Lost. confused. daze. starstruck.

And this is the only photo I manage to get from the world wide web.

I look so fat. so sad T_T  I suck at posey posey. Such a waste of time me watching so much ANTM and gossip girls and SATC.

Then we were ushered off to Spring (the bar) for free flow of Hennessey WHeeeeee!! They have Hennessey with apple and all sort of mixer. Really the art of mixing huh. The crowd then flow over to Autumn where the performance was held.

While waiting for SweeHeng’s pass, we were hanging around and getting our photos taken. 90% me and Speng only. but this is the only one we found. AGAIN!

Maybe we are just not that pretty/attractive/cute/slutty enough to post online and grab attention. All falls back to me being a kayu at posing i think.

Inside, we watched acts like Lenka, Paul Freeman (???) and Boys like Girls performed.

Apparently BLG is the biggest act but we left shortly after they came up because it got really noisy and all. It was a blessing that we get to stay up at the balcony reserved for vip. Cool air and free flow of drinks again! plus SOFA to sit on.

Sofa’s luxury in these kinda event i think. Considering the crowd and groupies there. Anyway, we left for some nasi lemak ayam goreng, nyum nyum!! I just can’t take the noise anymore i guess.

The morning after, i updated my FB status with ” Certified with Chop Karat Klubbing” supported by Desmond and some other =_________=

That’s the last batch of photos with my hair waist long I think. I went back Penang the following weekend, walked into a saloon randomly and had my hair cut.


Shorter with long fringe/bangs. Which I can swept all to the side and be goody good girl for work, or just some messed up look for weekend (preferred)


Had not regretted it yet. 😀

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2 Responses to Hennessy Artistry!

  1. ting says:

    you’re not fat la. come on..too thin isnt pretty..

  2. i did not realise u potong rambut.. hahaha..

    but usually i tak realise someone potong rambut unless itu orang change hairstlye.. like.. a bombastic change.. haha..

    even Mel, i tak realise hairstlye change & colour until she ask me her new look.. hohoho..

    so ya. see u soon !!!!

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