Hmm, so like this..

I’m currently alone in the office. As in my team people had all went home lar…

It’s so freaking hot here now. They had switch off the aircon but i can’t go home because 5 more minutes till i can earn my OT. Hmmm…company had been pretty sneaky now huh..make us all hot and give up, go home hence no OT. NO!! wtf…

You see, the world is so globalized now that even the huge-as-dinosaur-company that i work for now appears vulnerable and not immune to what is happening on the other side of the world. It’s 15 fucking hrs apart. Olden days, people wont know it’s day or night over there…

But NOW, because of the availability of information with a click of our finger, we can know what is going on. Therefore, the company need to take sneaky steps like this to cut cost.. T_T

It is also because this “click of a mouse”, I know how Sheffield looks like now. I also know what my friend Elliot is having for dinner at 4pm, while I’m preparing to snooze. That is how i know Wendy will be having a white Christmas while i hate a fucking lousy, miserable snowfall last year.

Anyway, the whole point of this is..I know, winter is horrible but it’s beautiful too. 4 seasons are wonderful. We get to change our wardrobe more too! heheh

Just 365 days ago, i was happily eating and partying in Sheffield with a friend that i don’t speak to anymore. What is this?

It’s getting too hot for me here in office. Ok..i’ll go home and continue blogging.


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One Response to Hmm, so like this..

  1. desmond-t says:

    I can sense that you are “fucking x2” pissed. LOL

    Tak sangka your company is like as HELL…

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