Holiday is over.

Officially tomorrow I will re-enter the rat race. This time I swear I will not resign after 2 days anymore -__ – I swear i swear i swear…

Without really noticing, I’ve spend 2 months jollying around, going for interview after interviews, doing odd jobs in between, quiting jobs, having an unbelievable amount of bad lucks, rejecting offers, and kept going for more interviews.

Finally, I’ve found a job that I think I will like in a company that I feel like home, well literally since I’ve been working for that company, X for so many times, i lost count. The only think I am not happy is the salary. Well, as many had advice, just take it, then look for more, or ask for increment after the probation period, which is exactly what i had in mind.

With that, I’m again flung into the rat race scrambling hard to get the big piece of cheese at the top of the ladder.

Good bye to life of sleeping late till the sun shines my bum, late brunches and late session at mamak or sega for a pint or two. I’ve sold my soul to the FIZ slavery zone. I shall miss my weekedays afternoon pedicure session or lok lok at padang. The jam free roads…and all the afternoon tai tai -dom activities. T__T Bye to dreamy dreamy, hello corporate

On another note, the police actually found the stolen waja. Apparently it’s part of a syndicate that has this master key that can unlock wajas. They actually stoled 13 wajas!!! and intended to smuggle it to our neighbouring countries. Wau! We are so lucky to actually get it back in 1 piece, I’m still able to drive it around just now. phewwwww…!

Anyway, since i’ll be working already, this blog will again be a place for me to channel all the frustration. Rants and rants ahead…full steam ahead!!

Wish me luck!!!! I don’t need another dose of dodgy colleague

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5 Responses to Holiday is over.

  1. angchoonseong says:

    Good luck. See u online. HAHA

  2. ihsan_huhu says:

    at last, u r contributing towards the society.


  3. Eve says:

    ang: sure thing!

    ihsan: i am ALWAYS contributing to society. Shopping and spending money is the biggest mover in economy!

  4. pp says:

    Wah…they found!!! my old car no news also.. well done least they r doing their job..

    hows ur work now??

  5. h3l3n says:

    my car also nvr found..

    wah not looking forward to the rat race..

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