How Thin is "Thin Enough" ??

What the world come to today? How thin is thin enough?? Is starving yourself to death beautiful? Why is this happening? Partly is because of the merciless critics of magazine and entertaiment industry. These people are models which kids look up to.
If these people are just thin, I’m enormous and should be burn alive cos i took up too much space in this world. What say you?

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7 Responses to How Thin is "Thin Enough" ??

  1. cK says:

    I should be burnt alive too…

  2. Arth says:

    So skinny can die O_o
    i still prefer girls with some flesh….

  3. summer says:


  4. aL says:

    yucks! if like dat is beautiful, i wanna be ugly. thank you very much…

  5. ting says:

    are they real? where did they come from? africa?even africans aren’t that thin!live to eat people!thats my philosophy

  6. Eve says:

    All: crazy people out there right..hehe

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