How to curl your hair without using heat

Friday has finally arrived! So today I’ve decided to show you guys girls out there how to make your shining crown of glory (more to drying glory in my case) into beautiful soft, bouncy waves. As seen on TV wtf..

First, get a set of curler. For me, sneak some from my mom dressing table. Any curler will do. You will see that I used assorted of curler because I don’t like neat, uniformed curls/hairs. Secondly, i just don’t care.

The best time to curl your hair is after a wash and once your dry them. Rub in some curling lotion if you want it to stay longer (i use lucido brand) mostly at the end. Then start curling. You can get thousand of tutorial on youtube but I don’t really think it’s achievable because they are curl by other people to your head.

It’s pretty difficult once you reach the back of the head. So if you have long hair like me, i”ll suggest you divide it to 3 section horizontally. Then start curling from the side as you can see it clearly. Once done, you should look like this 🙂

Something most people are shock to learn about me is I like to read alot of books. Like alot! MrSmallFace reckon I can open a small bookshop..hehehe Also, pardon the huge clip on the Velcro roller. My hair is tad too long for it to roll the whole length and it just won’t stay. Be innovative!!

Ok, then just leave the curl in while you get on with your life until you feel uncomfortable and take it off. In my case, I curled it around 11something at night and slept in my curls too…Until sometime in the middle of night, i suppose 4-5AM, I’ll automatically take the curls out in my sleep so I can nuzzle into my pillow hahahhaha

The result!!!

You’ll have a full head of bouncy curls first thing in the morning. Another reason I take off the curls and continue on to sleep, is to NOT LOOK LIKE SOMEONE FROM THE 80’S in the office. Sleeping on your curls helps to set it alot…

I look like this at around 9-10AM in the office and the curls stayed till the next day!! 🙂

Have fun trying and have a great weeked!!

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