I farking hate Slimyx

  • i do not pay so that i suffer disconnection every single fucking 10 minutes
  • i do not pay so that i dont get to download my desperate housewives
  • i do not pay so that i dont get to download free music
  • i do not pay so that i got cut off from my msn conversation
  • i do not pay so that me or my friend have to repeat ourself a zillion times
  • i do not pay so that i can get really pissed
  • i do not pay so that i can call and complain about the same fucking problem for the past 4 months
    • i do not pay so that i can get stuck halfway through my surfing
      • i do not pay so that it can increase my blood pressure

      I farking paid the bills on the dot every farking month. Can’t you pigs behind the counter or phone do something about it!!

      Knnccb….damn tl…really tl about it…. ARghhh~!

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      8 Responses to I farking hate Slimyx

      1. aL says:

        ganas nya…yea. of late, slimyx is alwiz like this. pay rm88 use like rm38? hahhaa…

      2. Jason says:

        i agree with u. Blady streamyx sux!! Talking bout MSC or high tech sttuff konon…wake up la stupid gahmen

      3. angchoonseong says:

        Anger management ada tengokkah?

        mau pegi “cage the rage” programme ar?

        relaks relaks…abo u use the tmnet prepaid telephone line wan lar…hahha..

        relaks relaks..kenot online then go study lar..hahaha..exam coming rite? Selamat menjawab!

      4. Arth says:

        Very angry post you have today, girl..
        But yeah,broadband connection is still not at its best performance here in Malaysia…

      5. Eve says:

        acs: thanks. will try my best

        arth: but if u have the same problem for 4 long months and not fixed, even the holy man up on the hill will curse like me -_-“

      6. Wan Yean says:

        conclusion: bring ur laptop, get out of the hse and visit starbucks for FREE high speed wireless connection!

        *oh no why am i promoting that place now?*

      7. Eve says:

        wy: no laptop la..my desktop is wireless though..too heavy to carry to starbucks.haha

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