I know where is Valdor…huahua

Remember once i ask where is Valdor in Penang? While on jalan-jalan cari makan yesterday, i Found it!!!11 Smart me!

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2 Responses to I know where is Valdor…huahua

  1. lucia says:

    valdor? i haven’t heard of it too… until now.

    and the jalan mati there? is ia road named ‘jalan mati’ or is it telling you that the road straight is a dead end (thus jalan mati). me no hear of jalan mati. jalan badak mati, yes, which is where my grandma’s house is, in matang tinggi, but not jalan mati.

  2. Eve says:

    I’m somewhere near jawi/cangkat to try the famous laksa mar. I saw Badak Mati also, damn funny but forgot to take photo hehehe.

    It’s really a dead end cos we drove till the end, it’s “kawasan meletup batu” but normally we dont indicate it as Jalan Mati also right? hahah

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