I love my weekends, it’s all about sleeping and food

Gawd~ Now I really appreciate the time i spend at home, doing nothing, watching the idiot box and just surfing the net…most importantly, sleep past noon or during hot afternoon.

Since it has been a while i posted food recommendation around Penang, here goes 2.

Frankie Western Food. A fusion style western food that operates at the very busy pulau tikus junction. Quite expensive if u consider the environment of the whole place (coffee shop) yet, the quality and amount of food you will be able to savor makes everything seems perfect.

a glutton like me, wont mind eating at a lorong if the food is heavenly… I did that once, in Melaka…damn nice the cockle shells.

My cheesy chicken. A piece of chicken top with ham, tomatoes and cheese. Lots and lots of cheese. Not bad la..

Hong’s Baked Salmon with orange lemon butter sauce? ahhaha forgot ady. Hmm…very nice la i think…

Desmond’s Baked Ham Steak or something, A very thick piece of ham that looks like a piece of bread hahaha

The thing is, most of the food is baked instead of being deep fried, HOWEVER, the cheese on top of the food equalize the fatness of it as well… -___-

I actually love the garlic bread the most. It’s really crispy at the side and soft at the middle. And smells so so nice!!!!!!

Second recommendation, Mee Goreng/Rebus at Siam Road. It’s at a location that is goes unnoticeable yet we penangite uses it so many times. It’s at pulau tikus also, next to the police station.

I find it really nice. and i must state that i normally don’t like mee rebus because i can’t take spicy food. For less than RM4, u get a big plate of very nice mee goreng with alot of sotongs and other ingredients.

Yesterday afternoon, me and DivaLisa took Jazz to the vet and groomer. Here’s JAZZ taking a ride in my sister new ride, looking cute and adorable as always. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Just like a little lioness…

Damn it, tomoro is Monday again. Damnit damnit damnit damnit….. +____________+

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5 Responses to I love my weekends, it’s all about sleeping and food

  1. foongpc says:

    Hi, just stumble onto your blog. Nice photos of food – looks delicious! And the dog is very cute! I like to spend my weekends lazing around too 🙂

  2. ihsan_huhu says:

    do u eat the dog too?

    pics of food then suddenly dog. lol

  3. foongpc says:

    Maybe…if I’m really hungry and there’s no other food. Ha ha!

  4. Rosalind says:

    Alo babe, rosalind here
    nice to see u slaving for the devil here in Hell again..tehehehe

    anyhoo…its Francis..
    i’m a fan of his food…he cooks with erm…passion? haha

    But the wait time is a killer….fren saw this guy who refused to pay Francis coz he was very mad of having to wait long…so teruk

  5. Eve says:

    foongpc: Thanks for visitin my blog. The dog is not edible,hahaha

    ihsan:I am very random wan ma

    Rosalind: halo..i waited an hr for mine last weekend.

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